Short Order Cook

Yep, sometimes I feel like a short order cook.  I feel like there’s not much variety in our breakfasts — fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles — that’s about it unless I’m fixing something special, which doesn’t happen often.

This morning I made biscuits – 1-1/2 batches so I would have leftover biscuits to add to my cornbread dressing.

Notice the “naughty” biscuit on the right side of the front row?  See all those eggs in the back?  Do you think I’m cooking eggs for the neighborhood?  No . . just us.  The bowl on the left has two eggs that will be scrambled for Speck.  The bowl in the middle has two eggs that will be fried for me.  The bowl on the right has three eggs that will be scrambled for Vince.

Here’s my plate:

And the best part . . what I didn’t show . . homemade apricot jam from my sweet neighbor!  Nothing like biscuits, butter and homemade jam!

This afternoon I’ll get my cornbread made.  I like to crumble it, mix it with the crumbled biscuits and let it all sit out for a couple of days and dry out before using it in my dressing.  The more it dries out, the more broth it absorbs and the more broth it absorbs, the better it tastes!


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    Melanie says

    I am making stuffing from scratch for the first time and was going to use Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Is yours similar?

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    Roberta says

    Do you make the biscuits from scratch??? Or the mix box???
    Mine are square because I just roll them out and cut with a knife, don’t fuss with a cutter. 😉 Looks tasty!!!!!!!

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      I make my own biscuit mix but we like our biscuits a little on the sweeter side so for the biscuits for the dressing, I made them from scratch so I could make them less sweet.

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      Angie, I’m loving it! It has to be an optical illusion because it fits in the same hole as my other stove filled up but it seems so much bigger. The oven is almost one cubic foot larger. I love that the oven heats to the desired temp within five minutes. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking getting ready for Thanksgiving and I’ve loved having those two 17,000 btu power burners. I’m real happy with it.

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    I struggle with variety for breakfast too. Sometimes I make a breakfast pizza and then use the leftovers for breakfast burritos. The pizza makes a lot, but I can freeze the burritos. Egg in the hole is another one I like. You eat like kings and I suppose even a king needs a short order cook on staff.

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    Hey! Thanks for the dressing tip! Even thought I’m “old”, I’m a novice dressing-maker. Until a couple of years ago I always had a mom or mother-in-law to make the cornbread dressing. Now I’m the matriarch I guess. ‘Cause now I’m the one making the dressing. So far it’s been pretty good, but it can always be better! Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!

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      The hardest thing for me to get right was the moisture level. It has to be almost soupy when you put it in the oven or it will be dry after baking. It did take a few times before I got it right.