Answers to Questions

We’ve been without internet for most of two days. Yesterday we had it for about an hour so even though we have it at this minute, I’m not getting my hopes up.

There are a few spots out in the yard and down the driveway where I can get 4G on my cell phone.  Otherwise, without the internet, our micro-cell doesn’t work so our cell phones don’t work and our home phone is Magic Jack, which works off the internet so we have no home phone and no cell phone when the internet is down.

Lots of email came in while I had no service so instead of trying to respond individually to the blog comments, I’m going to go back and answer those in the comment section of each blog post.  If you asked a question, please check the comments on the blog posts for the past few days.



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    Jevne says

    Gosh, Judy, that’s pretty dangerous to be out there with no phone service if there should be an emergency.

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    Isn’t it funny how we become so spoiled? When we were in Texas (8 years ago), we were on a party line. No cell service on the ranch at all and the party line went down and stayed down on a regular basis. We are on the line with the neighbor who lived 15 miles away over the mountain. When the phone went down. and they had time, they would each ride the line horseback to look for the problem and then fix it. Hope you’re back in business soon, but sometimes it’s nice to be unplugged for a short time.

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    dezertsuz says

    Hope your internet and cell stays up. I guess this is good practice for a massive power failure, so I’d be interested in knowing what you learned that you hadn’t prepared to meet, if anything.