Garden Survived The Freeze

Last week we had lows in the mid 20’s and I was a bit worried about my plants.  Some things I read said lettuce and beets would be damaged below 28 and some things I read said they would be fine.  We covered them with plastic but the wind was blowing so hard, even with the edges secured as best we could, most of the plastic had blown off by morning.

Everything seems fine.

Miss Hattie loves the strawberries.  Any time she thinks I’m headed towards the garden, she runs over to be sure that’s where I’m going and she heads straight to the strawberries.  She really just pecks on them all and ruins them but . . she’s such a sweet chicken, I just let her do it.

Once she’s had her fill of pecking on all the berries, I pick the ones she’s nibbled on and give them to the rest of the chickens.  When I planted strawberries, I didn’t plan that the chickens would get them all!

The chard is doing great.  We’ve eaten that several times.  The mustard greens are doing a bit better with the cooler weather but I definitely planted them too early.  Mustard does not like heat.

Beets, carrots and lettuce are all doing great.  I pick enough lettuce for a salad every night.  As I was thinning carrots yesterday, some of them are starting to really look like carrots — orange color and all.

I’ve checked the weather forecast and it looks like it’s going to be about a month before it gets down in the mid-20’s again so hopefully, I’ll have beets and carrots ready to harvest by then.

The broccoli and cauliflower are growing and looking good.  I don’t think I got a picture of the kale but this is the first time I’ve grown it and it’s so cute — curly little leaves and a deep, dark green.

I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch (speaking of that . . there were 9 eggs and only 4 hatched) but my fall garden is looking great and I’m very hopeful for lots of good produce coming from there.


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    wanda says

    Judy the carrots will be fine. Don’t worry I’ve generally get carrots up till May of next year when it gets to hot. The cold doesn’t seem to bother them as much. Maybe just my neck of Texas but don’t give up on them when it freezes. Now we generally don’t eat our collards till they do freeze because it helps the flavors. Lettuce does ok too it finally bits the dust when it get to hot in May or earlier just depends. Now what kind of strawberries brand did you get? I would love to plants some if they have them all year.
    Thanks wanda

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    WiAmy says

    My dad generously mulches his carrots and harvests them little by little through part of the winter until they are gone! We live in Wisconsin so your carrots should be just fine with a nice thick layer of mulch!

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    Toni in TN says

    Great winter garden! Hope to do the same next year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sure good to be able t comment again.

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    Up here in Colorado, we don’t use plastic because everywhere it touches the plant it will freeze it. I have used plastic but only when I can keep it off the plant or row with a wire cage or ring. I like to use sheets and then remove them in the morning.