The Black Friday Yarn Sale

If you’ll remember at the beginning of the year, my friend, Denise, shamed me into agreeing to buy no yarn during 2012 except that it was ok to buy yarn for projects for Camp Loopy and during the Eat, Sleep, Knit Black Friday sale.  I failed miserably with my “no buy” part of this deal but I did buy yarn for Camp Loopy projects and since today is the Black Friday sale at ESK, I felt like I had committed to Denise that I would shop and . . shop I did!  The way the Black Friday sale there works is that you place everything you want in your cart and you don’t know your discount until you finalize the sale.  It can be anything from 10% to 100%.  Of course, there are way more 10% discounts than 100% discounts and I’m fine with that.

Yesterday I went over all the projects in my “want to make someday” file, trying to come up with a list of yarn I might need to buy.  I still have all the yarn I bought at last year’s ESK Black Friday sale . . never used any of it.  But, I may knit a whole lot in 2013 and I may use that so . . I planned some more projects.

First, I got online right on time and could not get onto ESK’s site.  Every knitter must have been trying to get there at the same time.  I did manage to get on . . several times!  🙂

I placed my first order and got Madelinetosh’s TML  in Alabaster, Moss and Nutmeg to make a Color
Affection shawl.  I bought a couple of skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere for socks.  I haven’t used it before and with cashmere, it has to be yummy.  I got a couple of skeins of Tosh Sock  because I love knitting socks with patterns using that.  I got a couple of Handmaiden Casbah because I like knitting and wearing those socks.

With that order I got 10% off and reached the level where I earned a $20 gift certificate so I thought about it for a minute and decided . . might as well use that $20 gift certificate.  So, I placed another order and this time, I ordered Madelinetosh TML (Tosh Merino Light) in tomato to make a Citron for Nicole and more TML in Copper Penny to make one for me.  I ordered two skeins of Pagewood Yukon  to make socks. This order also got 10% off.

Then I started thinking about the Summer Flies shawl that so many folks have made and loved and decided to order yarn to make a couple of those.  And I’ve been wanting to make a Gap-tastic Cowl so I ordered Dream in Color Groovy in the color Lipstick Lava to make that.  That order got another 10% off and wouldn’t you know it . . another $20 gift certificate.  Do I leave it and use it later or do I order more while there’s a surprise discount to be had?  For now, I’m walking away . . not ordering anything else but I still have a few hours to change my mind!  🙂

Denise and I are already working on our yarn buying plan (or I should say . . no buying plan) for 2013.  We did so well in 2012, we’re going to try again next year.  Anyone want need to join us in our efforts?

Visit from my Parents

We’re having a great visit . . missing Chad and his family, of course.  We had great food . . too much food. We started with the overnight peach french toast and sausage for breakfast.  For dessert, I ended up making Diana’s mom’s pumpkin pie recipe which was so good.  I didn’t make the cake because Vince bought a really bad cake but . . it was a cake so I made a pecan pie.

We had cornbread dressing which mom and my aunt assured me was the best dressing they’ve ever had.  I think my mom tells me that every time she eats my dressing.  We had giblet gravy, ham, green bean casserole, cherry cranberry salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and I think that’s it.

Mom and dad are amused with the chickens.  They can’t believe how Miss Hattie and a few others follow me around and want to be held and petted.  They think the bantam babies are so cute.  Dad says our Dominique rooster is beautiful.  Roscoe seems to be their favorite though.  He struts around and shows his personality and it’s hard not to like him.  I love that he minds his own business and doesn’t bother us or the other chickens.

Mom said it’s been a way long time since she’s gathered eggs but she’s done it a lot the past several days.

We’ve worked in the garden, and have done lots of cooking but haven’t done any sewing at all.

Today we plan to relax and do nothing really . . I had made sausage/kale soup before they got here, as well as chicken and noodles so we’ll eat that or leftover Thanksgiving dinner . . no cooking at all today!

Better . . no shopping!  Except maybe just a little online shopping . . maybe!    🙂

Who’s shopping today?  What are you buying?  How were the crowds?



On the Needles – November 23, 2012

These socks are going to be finished today.  I had hoped to finish them before mom and dad got here earlier this week but have hardly had any time to knit or sew.  A couple of toe decreases have been done so there’s not much knitting left on these.

I’m so happy with the way the stripes matched up on this yarn.  Sometimes no matter how hard I try, there’s some little variation in the striping of the yarn and it just will not match up perfectly.