Visit from my Parents

We’re having a great visit . . missing Chad and his family, of course.  We had great food . . too much food. We started with the overnight peach french toast and sausage for breakfast.  For dessert, I ended up making Diana’s mom’s pumpkin pie recipe which was so good.  I didn’t make the cake because Vince bought a really bad cake but . . it was a cake so I made a pecan pie.

We had cornbread dressing which mom and my aunt assured me was the best dressing they’ve ever had.  I think my mom tells me that every time she eats my dressing.  We had giblet gravy, ham, green bean casserole, cherry cranberry salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and I think that’s it.

Mom and dad are amused with the chickens.  They can’t believe how Miss Hattie and a few others follow me around and want to be held and petted.  They think the bantam babies are so cute.  Dad says our Dominique rooster is beautiful.  Roscoe seems to be their favorite though.  He struts around and shows his personality and it’s hard not to like him.  I love that he minds his own business and doesn’t bother us or the other chickens.

Mom said it’s been a way long time since she’s gathered eggs but she’s done it a lot the past several days.

We’ve worked in the garden, and have done lots of cooking but haven’t done any sewing at all.

Today we plan to relax and do nothing really . . I had made sausage/kale soup before they got here, as well as chicken and noodles so we’ll eat that or leftover Thanksgiving dinner . . no cooking at all today!

Better . . no shopping!  Except maybe just a little online shopping . . maybe!    🙂

Who’s shopping today?  What are you buying?  How were the crowds?




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    Tracy says

    I plan on doing the same things as you. Eat a bit of left overs and relax. We may go and get a Christmas tree though. My friends are here vistiting and they have a pick-up truck in which to carry the tree home. I cant bring one home tied to the roof of my little coupe, We wont decorate it until December 1st, but I like to get the tree in some water and keep it fresh, Enjoy!

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    I made your cherry cranberry salad last year and my family loved it. I’m going to make it again this year. Thanks for sharing your recipe..

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    Diana Stewart says

    So glad you liked the pie, it’s a favorite here. We just had some of the left over fresh fruit salad for breakfast . It will be left overs today, then I’ll freeze the rest of the turkey for other meals. Galen leaves Monday for the week so I won’t do much worrying about meals. Shopping today, maybe a little on line nothing else. Enjoy having your parents there- hope they are liking that part of Texas, so different from East Texas! Glad they weren’t on I-10 yesterday morning.

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    Every year I try very hard to have my Christmas shopping completely done by Thanksgiving – which came early this year! I am going to the post office to mail presents today, plus my truck needs an inspection sticker by the end of the month, so I will do that too. I still have a few things to pick up, but for the most part, I met my goal and don’t plan on anymore shopping in the near future! I have knit 3 pairs of children’s slippers too and hopefully this weekend I will get the crochet edging done.

  5. 5

    Sandy says

    My Christmas shopping is finished and I’m not shopping today. My daughter & her family, visiting from OH, are heading to the mall right now. Tonight we’re all going to Disney on Ice, then tomorrow they’ll head for home.

  6. 6


    No shopping – I figure it’s worth my life to be out there today! And I DON’T like fist fights – much less when I would be in the middle with fists flying all around me! Personally I don’t think ANY sale (except online of course!) is worth that!

    Re food – Fortunately I have an extra big bird! Somehow yesterday I managed to be in the kitchen drying and putting away dishes when the turkey meat was being parcelled out! Which is fine, really – because I only have so much freezer space (refrigerator freezer and it is almost full already BEFORE big bird add on!) It is times like this that I am thinking in terms of a pressure cooker-canner and learning how to do that – and most of all overcoming my fear of pressure canning! Ah well – next year – or whenever I get the canner and start packing away turkey broth, meat, etc.

    re shopping itself – uh – unless it can be homemade by me – this year it isn’t happening! Much as I might want to – I just can’t – but anyway – I figure if it is homemade (ie, quilts plus packages/jars of homemade mixes and goodies like gingerbread for any trees hanging about) it might mean a bit more. I’ve never really figured this was a time of year for “going all out” and spending a big bunch anyway – so either something homemade – or donated to a favorite charity in that person’s name – and that’s it! I DO as does the rest of the family – do things for various charities/organizations for nursing homes and kids though – that’s a family tradition. but Black Friday???? Nyet!

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    I’ll be pretty much doing the same as you…eating leftovers, NOT shopping, I imagine the crowds are crazy.. Besides, the nearest real shopping area is an hour away and there’s no way I was getting up early enough to do the “Black Friday” thing. Maybe it’s called “Black” Friday because you have to get up in the dark to do it. Maybe I’ll do a little online shopping if I get a chance. Daughter & #1 Granddaughter are coming to work on Granddaughter’s graduation photo slideshow and then this evening we have to go my sister-in-law’s mothers visitation. She passed away Wednesday.

  8. 8


    Agree with Helen—unless it’s homemade it doesn’t happen! I do not care for shopping at any time of year and sales/Black Friday insanity isn’t even under consideration!!! We are so blessed and more “stuff” is not needed. Even grand daughter married a year ago is better set up than I/we were years after the wedding occurred! Off to the sewing/quilting machine(s). We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my bother/SIL’s….today it’s going to be tacos…..yum!!!! Hugs to all, D

  9. 9


    Keep me away from Black Friday, please. I don’t like to shop much under normal circumstances but after Thanksgiving shopping is for the “birds.” It’s crazy!

  10. 10


    I am sewing today! Woohoo! The boys are with friends recovering from turkey comas. I shopped online last night at midnight, got some great deals. My step-daughter needs a new winter coat, jeans, and tennis shoes. Got all of that for under a $100. Super excited about that! (She hates clothes shopping, so she leaves that up to me. ha!) Have a great day Judy!

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    Ava says

    Our kids and grandkids were here yesterday. Daughter-in-law is a sale shopper so Black Friday is her cup of tea. She had sale flyers stacked and sorted and marked up ready for the race. They went late last night and then got up early today. I’m finding some good deals online and enjoying that more than racing from one store to another. Sounds like I need to click over to ESK and get some yarn.

  12. 12


    No shopping for me today, either! DH is working Festival of Trees so this is my perfect opportunity to hide out in the studio. A quick pick up of the house and I am free to d as I please (mostly) ’til Saturday night. I have a quilting project on the long arm, a piecing project and the final borders on another project in the studio. If I end up sitting in front of a TV, I have a rather large quilt I am binding….I have plenty to do! Monday or Tuesday when things quiet down Iwill hit the stores.

  13. 13


    I usually don’t leave the house on Black Friday, but my husband and I had to run some errands this afternoon. My son is in Dubai for a month and he wanted us to pick up his paycheck and deposit it for him, so we had to go to the restaurant and the bank. We needed to pick up a prescription at Wal Mart and stop at Aldi’s for a few things. I was really surprised that there wasn’t more traffic. Restaurant was half empty, I dropped hubby off at Aldi’s (I can’t go in there because I can’t walk much and they don’t provide Amigos) and I went to the drive’-through pharmacy pick-up at Wal Mart. It was broken, so I had to go in. Was I ever surprised when I found a handicapped parking place right in front, and they had an Amigo available for me to use!! The store was not crowded at all. Maybe the best deals were earlier in the day and everyone had gone home by then, or maybe it’s the economy, which is still awful here in mid-Michigan that kept shoppers home. I decided long ago that there is not one thing on this earth I want badly enough to go shopping on Black Friday!!

  14. 14

    Linda B in MI says

    I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving….no shopping for me today…another thanksgiving for I hate going out on black friday…Instead I have been sick with one H of a cold since last night….should be over it my Monday, but hope for Sunday…can’t miss chyrch…tooo much to do that day. Judy, you have a yarn fetish, I believe. I am afraid I may have o blooming one lately…Want to KNIT some socks, BUT I CAN”T EVEN CAST ON RIGHT IT SEEMS!

  15. 15

    CindyM says

    We haven’t had our Thanksgiving yet. Our daughter had to work yesterday and husband worked today, so we’re getting together with our daughter and her boyfriend tomorrow.. Yesterday I actually went to the grocery store andn bought all of the ingredients, except the honey baked ham. I got that this morning. The Honey Baked Ham store is literally right next door to my dear friend’s quilt shop, so I did stop in there and of course spent about $100 using my birthday discount. Other than that I watcehd football and did some precooking for tomorrow. Paula Deen’s gooey butter pumpkin cake is in the oven right now…. it’s our favorite Thanksgiving day desert! So sweet and rich, we only have it this one time a year.