Vince Continues to Unpack

Thank goodness for football games today or my sewing room would be full of boxes!

He wanted to know how I’ve been quilting without the stencils?  Because I have my square spiral panto.  I need nothing else!   🙂

Lucky for me, the rings were all still in place and all I had to do was hang them on the edges of the shelf units.  Notice the Christmas tree stencil in front.  Consider that my decoration for the sewing room!  🙂

In the bottom of the box was batting!  Like I need more batting!

Vince said “Have you been looking for this batting?”  Oh, yes!  I couldn’t quilt without it!  I am going to concentrate on  using the packaged batts and getting those off the shelves (and out of the boxes).

It’s nice to have him finding more stuff.  It would be even nicer if he could/would unpack it all and put it in its place but I guess I should be happy with the help I am getting, right?

Butter Chicken

I feel like a cheater!  There are so few mixes or pre-packaged foods that I use but this is one of the things I love.  Butter Chicken by Patak’s.

It’s not easy to find around here but I can buy it in Joplin, MO, which I guess isn’t exactly “around here”.  When I was in Joplin in October, I bought all four jars at the store and then Chad told me he had two jars I could have.  He said he likes to make his Butter Chicken from scratch!  I’ve made it from scratch but I think this in the jar is as good as what I made from scratch so any time I need a quick meal, this is one of my choices.

For my Butter Chicken, I start with three chicken breasts.  I cut the chicken into thin strips and then brine it.  In a pan with butter, I saute one sliced green bell pepper and one sliced onion until almost done.  Remove those from the pan and add the chicken and saute til brownish and the pink is gone.  Near the end of cooking the chicken, I added a few cloves of garlic.

A couple more tablespoons of butter was added along with 8 oz. of sliced mushrooms.

The bell pepper and onions were added back to the pan.

Then the jar of sauce was added and heated.

We eat it over jade pearl rice which is a green rice that I also buy in Joplin, though it’s less expensive at Amazon.

It doesn’t look so green in the package but it looks a little green in the rice cooker . . maybe.

Before serving the rice, I stir about 1 tablespoon sugar into 3 tablespoons into apple cider vinegar.  I stir the sugar til it dissolves, then dump that mixture into the hot rice and stir it.

And then . . dinner is served!

No matter how often I serve this, Vince goes on and on about how good it is and he always says it’s better than anything we ever get in a restaurant and then I show him the jar and he says “Please make sure you buy more when you’re in Joplin!”  Amazon also has it and the UPS man brought me six jars yesterday.

I think we’re set with Butter Chicken sauce til I make it back to Joplin or can find it locally.

The Quilt Museum Funding

Of all the controversial topics I’ve posted on lately, this one will probably cause me to lose about 95% of my readers.  Every quilter on Facebook and in blogland seems to be terribly upset about this story.  Yes, I think the writer didn’t totally understand the value of quilts or the passion of quiltmakers but want to know what I think?  No?  Well, I’ll share it anyway! 🙂

I don’t think tax payers should be paying for a quilt museum!  I don’t think that’s the role of government.  Just like I, who could care less about Nascar, or wrestling, or ice fishing, wouldn’t want my tax dollars going to museums for those type activities.  For as many things as you can think of, someone probably would love to see a tax payer funded museum to commemorate the history of that activity.  It’s just not government’s job . . in my opinion.

When our country is up to its eyeballs in debt to China and each citizen owes almost $52,000 as of this minute, and that includes myself, my husband (for a combined debt of $104,000 between us), as well as my son and his almost 4 month old baby, even some of our very favorite things that are near and dear to our hearts might have to be cut.

I’m one of those weird people who think no one else should have to contribute to the cost of my food, my home, my cell phone, my hobbies.

When I hear folks in an uproar about funding for a quilt museum, here’s how I think about it all.  If Vince and I were in debt and couldn’t pay our bills and were having to move out of our home and into smaller, less expensive digs, or even move in with a family member, I would not be squawking about wanting to keep my big sewing room.  Cutting back in order for us to get out of debt (we are not in debt!) to me would mean cutting back everything that isn’t necessary for survival.

I assure you, and I’m sure you already know this . . no one out there wants to see anything they love cut but when our country is in the financial mess it’s in — not everything can stay. Every single dime that our government spends means a lot to someone.  No one wants to see their own funding cut but cuts do have to be made or this country, as we currently know it, isn’t going to survive.  If you don’t believe it, you’re just not paying attention.  No one — no individual, no business, no government entity — can spend like there’s no tomorrow, borrow money from folks who aren’t necessarily our friends, and expect to survive.

The quilt museum is a fantastic place and I loved it.  I don’t want to see it go but I surely don’t see where the tax payers should be responsible for it.  I definitely see value in the quilt museum, but not necessarily value to tax payers.  I know that the museum brings in lots of tourism so maybe the Nebraska Tourism Department (if there is one) can fund the cost of the museum.  I’m not anti-museum . . I’m just against using tax pay dollars for things the government was never intended to fund, when our country is so much in debt and cuts need to be made and no one wants those cuts to affect their own projects.

That’s my opinion and I don’t apologize for it.  I will leave comments open and you’re welcome to respectfully disagree with me.  Before you comment . . think about this:  Think of something you totally have no interest in.  For me, it would be TV and hunting.  Think how you would feel to have that much of your tax dollars go to museums for those things.

I know some of you are going to totally miss my point – I just read through all the comments on the article.  Please remember — I am NOT anti-quilt museum!!

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