Butter Chicken

I feel like a cheater!  There are so few mixes or pre-packaged foods that I use but this is one of the things I love.  Butter Chicken by Patak’s.

It’s not easy to find around here but I can buy it in Joplin, MO, which I guess isn’t exactly “around here”.  When I was in Joplin in October, I bought all four jars at the store and then Chad told me he had two jars I could have.  He said he likes to make his Butter Chicken from scratch!  I’ve made it from scratch but I think this in the jar is as good as what I made from scratch so any time I need a quick meal, this is one of my choices.

For my Butter Chicken, I start with three chicken breasts.  I cut the chicken into thin strips and then brine it.  In a pan with butter, I saute one sliced green bell pepper and one sliced onion until almost done.  Remove those from the pan and add the chicken and saute til brownish and the pink is gone.  Near the end of cooking the chicken, I added a few cloves of garlic.

A couple more tablespoons of butter was added along with 8 oz. of sliced mushrooms.

The bell pepper and onions were added back to the pan.

Then the jar of sauce was added and heated.

We eat it over jade pearl rice which is a green rice that I also buy in Joplin, though it’s less expensive at Amazon.

It doesn’t look so green in the package but it looks a little green in the rice cooker . . maybe.

Before serving the rice, I stir about 1 tablespoon sugar into 3 tablespoons into apple cider vinegar.  I stir the sugar til it dissolves, then dump that mixture into the hot rice and stir it.

And then . . dinner is served!

No matter how often I serve this, Vince goes on and on about how good it is and he always says it’s better than anything we ever get in a restaurant and then I show him the jar and he says “Please make sure you buy more when you’re in Joplin!”  Amazon also has it and the UPS man brought me six jars yesterday.

I think we’re set with Butter Chicken sauce til I make it back to Joplin or can find it locally.


  1. 1

    Cheryl L says

    LOL!!! At first I thought you were packaging your own rice…..your copyright looks like it’s part of the label on the package! Anyhow……this dish looks yummy!

  2. 3


    I’ve never heard of Butter Chicken before. Can you describe the taste of the sauce? Maybe Chad can provide a recipe for us. I would like to try it from scratch before buying any online. I’ve never seen it in our stores here.

  3. 5

    Debi McIntosh says

    hi Judy, why do you brine your chicken, and why put sugar and vinegar in the rice – I’ve never heard of either before.

  4. 6

    Theresa says

    We love Patak’s Korma sauce! Yum! We ate at a lot of Indian restaurants when we lived in the UK and Patak’s is the closest we’ve come to all that authentic yummy food.

  5. 7

    Linda says

    Judy, I learn something new from you just about every day! I have never heard of “butter chicken”! Am I correct in guessing that this is an Indian dish? Looks interesting… This is totally off the subject, but I am wondering if you ever freeze eggs?

  6. 8

    Lee says

    I’ve not heard of this either; is it Indian or Asian as to ethnic food, or something else? It looks good, and sounds good, but what is the sauce made of?

  7. 9

    Pauline Kennelly says

    I never heard of “Butter Chicken” either. But since I’m deep in the Texas Hill Country, and not near Joplin, I Googled and found you can order all kinds of Pataks sauces at Walmart’s! Orders go straight to the store, no shipping cost and a 6 pack is just under $23.00. Is that a good price? You indicated you made your sauce, care to share? Thanks mucho for this great post. We all love to eat tasty meals.

    • 9.1

      Pauline Kennelly says

      Ha! I just found the recipe for the sauce on the Food Network. Think I’ll do this today!

  8. 10

    Mel Meister says

    My husband makes the BEST butter chicken from scratch. That jarred sauce would have to get up and do my dishes for me to even think about trying it! LOL!

  9. 11

    Linda says

    Fantastic! Making it for the second time tonight and we just love it. Plus it”s so easy! The rice is so good too with the sugar and apple cider vinegar! Thanks so much and please keep the easy recipes coming!