Vince Continues to Unpack

Thank goodness for football games today or my sewing room would be full of boxes!

He wanted to know how I’ve been quilting without the stencils?  Because I have my square spiral panto.  I need nothing else!   🙂

Lucky for me, the rings were all still in place and all I had to do was hang them on the edges of the shelf units.  Notice the Christmas tree stencil in front.  Consider that my decoration for the sewing room!  🙂

In the bottom of the box was batting!  Like I need more batting!

Vince said “Have you been looking for this batting?”  Oh, yes!  I couldn’t quilt without it!  I am going to concentrate on  using the packaged batts and getting those off the shelves (and out of the boxes).

It’s nice to have him finding more stuff.  It would be even nicer if he could/would unpack it all and put it in its place but I guess I should be happy with the help I am getting, right?


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    Yes, take what you can get. =) Love your Christmas decoration. When I see your studio, I’m really so anxious to get a quilting machine again, but it has to wait.

  2. 2

    Carolyn says

    well you can box that batting up and send it to me if you have too much! I bought some today and it wasn’t what I wanted, but it will do.

  3. 3

    [email protected] says

    He is so sweet!!!

  4. 5


    Is Vince not a football watcher? I didn’t get anything done in the sewing room after 2:30, thanks to football. But not because of Todd … because I was completely engrossed!! LOL! Love you Christmas decoration for the sewing room! 🙂

  5. 6

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    You are such a creative decorator:-) It works great! Go Vince, Go! (Your own energizer bunny!)

  6. 7

    Jean Foglein says

    hey Judy – any of those batts from Hobbs – I could use the Bar Code off them to send for charity batting, please help

  7. 8

    pdudgeon says

    you’re very lucky to still have the rings for those stencils. They (rings) are very scarce around here, and i hang my stencils the same way that you do yours–from the hanging bar on the wire closit shelves.
    really LOVE the Christmas tree stencil!
    Vince unpacking is a very good sign–he must be settling in.

  8. 9

    Penny Holliday says

    I guess I’ll just say it!! Oh my, I’m wondering if that is truly helpful! This is somewhat like when one of my relative visits. She trys to help me by unloading the dishwasher. But then she tells me that she didn’t know where anything goes as I look at stacks of the clean contents all over the counter. So back to the subject ~ I’m wondering if Vince has unpacked all of his boxes?