About that Butter Chicken

Sometimes I feel like a bad blogger.  Next year I’m going to be a better blogger! 🙂  I never tell enough inf . . on some things but on the things no one seems to want to know about, I tell too much.

First, someone asked me if the color in the butter chicken came from tomatoes.  I didn’t recall that my recipe had tomatoes and I told her no but when I got the link to the recipe I had used, it does have tomatoes.  Sorry!  This is the link to the recipe I used until I started buying it in the jar.

From viewing the recipe, you should be able to get an idea about the sauce . . except you probably don’t have a clue about garam masala, which, according to wikipedia, is a spice mix of fairly common spices.  I happen to have a jar of it because Chad had used it often when cooking and it got moved with us.  The tandoori masala is another mix, which now that I know what it is, I could have made it but I have never found that in the stores.  The three cups of heavy cream . . let’s just skip the ice cream that night and call it even!  🙂

By going to Patak’s website, you will see all kinds of sauces, relishes and chutneys.  The butter chicken is the only one I’ve ever used.  The oldest jar in my pantry cost $3.68 in Joplin.  The newest jars from Joplin were $4.08.  The jars I recently ordered from Amazon were over $5.00 each.  But, a very nice blog reader checked Wal-Mart online and found the price there to be about $3.66 each.  They will ship free to the store and if you order over $45, it’s free shipping to your house.

Another nice blog reader told me that Patak’s Korma Curry Sauce is great so I ordered that, along with Tikka Masala Sauce and Mango Curry Sauce.  And . . I got free shipping to my house!  🙂

The bad news is that to get that price, you have to order a case, and I think it’s 6 jars of each so if you don’t like it, that’s a whole lot of sauce!  But, if you like it, you’ll thank me.



Thankful For Things That Did Not Happen

As we’re all hopefully being thankful this season, as we should every day, for our blessings in life, this morning Vince and I were unpacking boxes and came across a set of house plans for a house we were going to build in Kentucky.  They were all rolled up and just seeing the roll made me smile.  I remember picking out the lot, walking it over and over deciding where the house would be built.  I remember sitting down with the builder and going over a house plan we had found in a book and scribbling out the things I wanted changed.  I remember the day the plans were ready to be picked up and Vince and I sat down with the builder and made sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it before he started preparing his estimate for the cost of building our new home.

The next thing I remember is Vince telling me we were moving to Missouri and he would call the builder and tell him we weren’t building a new house.

The lot as I recall was almost one acre in a subdivision with lots of covenants, rules and lots of comparisons as to what the neighbor had or didn’t have.  Either I’ve changed a whole lot since we bought that lot or I wasn’t thinking very clearly back in about 2005.

It would have been a pretty house.  I talked Vince into using the very dark red bricks that I love and he doesn’t love.

With the downstairs and upstairs, it was right at 4,700 square feet.  What were we thinking?  We currently have 1675 square feet in the house and are doing just fine!

We opened up the plans and both of us gasped . . and at the same time, we both said “Thank goodness we never built that house!”

I remember being sad about not getting to build the house but then I loved the house we found in Missouri so I wasn’t sad for long.  Had we built the house in Kentucky, especially with the timing of everything, we probably would not have moved to Missouri and then we probably would not have moved to Texas because the Texas move idea got started with a guy Vince had worked with in Missouri and he had moved to Texas and he let Vince know about the opening here.

Sometimes when we’re sad about circumstances, we just need to forget what we can’t change and be optimistic about the future.

We had not seen those plans probably since they were packed away in 2006 in Kentucky and I hadn’t thought at all about how it all worked out.  There’s truly a reason for everything and sometimes we don’t even know what it might be for many years.  I was happy enough in Missouri but Texas is real close to perfect and I’m so glad we ended up here, with our little house!  🙂

Twelfth Pair of Socks!

Yes, I finished 12 pairs of socks, which was my goal and surely I can finish one more pair before the end of the year.

I’m so pleased with the way the stripes matched up.  My knitting wasn’t perfect.  I was using two circular needles to knit two socks at once and I was often a bit tangled.  In order to get nice, uniform stitches, the needles need to be kept at pretty much the same angle and I had my needles in all kinds of positions during these socks.  Also, I used 2.50 mm needles and I usually use 2.25 so that made the stitches a bit looser than I like but they’ll work just fine for my happy feet!

Readers have asked to see the yarn so this is what’s left of the skeins of yarn for this pair.  This was Opal yarn.

I’m going to do another pair using two circulars and see if I can be more careful about keeping the angle of the needles right.