About that Butter Chicken

Sometimes I feel like a bad blogger.  Next year I’m going to be a better blogger! 🙂  I never tell enough inf . . on some things but on the things no one seems to want to know about, I tell too much.

First, someone asked me if the color in the butter chicken came from tomatoes.  I didn’t recall that my recipe had tomatoes and I told her no but when I got the link to the recipe I had used, it does have tomatoes.  Sorry!  This is the link to the recipe I used until I started buying it in the jar.

From viewing the recipe, you should be able to get an idea about the sauce . . except you probably don’t have a clue about garam masala, which, according to wikipedia, is a spice mix of fairly common spices.  I happen to have a jar of it because Chad had used it often when cooking and it got moved with us.  The tandoori masala is another mix, which now that I know what it is, I could have made it but I have never found that in the stores.  The three cups of heavy cream . . let’s just skip the ice cream that night and call it even!  🙂

By going to Patak’s website, you will see all kinds of sauces, relishes and chutneys.  The butter chicken is the only one I’ve ever used.  The oldest jar in my pantry cost $3.68 in Joplin.  The newest jars from Joplin were $4.08.  The jars I recently ordered from Amazon were over $5.00 each.  But, a very nice blog reader checked Wal-Mart online and found the price there to be about $3.66 each.  They will ship free to the store and if you order over $45, it’s free shipping to your house.

Another nice blog reader told me that Patak’s Korma Curry Sauce is great so I ordered that, along with Tikka Masala Sauce and Mango Curry Sauce.  And . . I got free shipping to my house!  🙂

The bad news is that to get that price, you have to order a case, and I think it’s 6 jars of each so if you don’t like it, that’s a whole lot of sauce!  But, if you like it, you’ll thank me.




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    Ruth C says

    I just got some butter chicken sauce and the korma sauce from Cost Plus, which you probably don’t have there but if you happen to see one–they have the sauce!

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    SarahB says

    Judy, is it spicy? I don’t remember if you said that but I love the recipe and I would love to try it but if it’s spicy my kids won’t eat it and then I will end up with a ton of it to eat alone. Which brings me to the next question; if you have extra does it freeze well? If you only make a couple servings what do you do with the extra sauce? Just curious; because it always seems like I have a half a jar of sauce in the refrigerator, when I use pre-made, that eventually goes bad because I don’t want to make the same thing two times in one week.

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    Nann says

    Judy, we * love* Penzey’s (www.penzeys.com) for spices. The catalog is a delight to read. (“Love people. Cook them tasty food.”) We’re fortunate to have a retail store nearby (over the border in Kenosha, 5 miles away). We bought garam masala there last week.

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      Deb S says

      Another plug for Penzey’s for spices – I love their cinnamon, I buy my garam masala there, as well as a few other spices I used in Egyptian style food which I cook a few times each week. Of course, after your last post about the butter chicken, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a case. I link my Discover Card and Amazon, so I can simply use my Discover Card reward points to pay with – so it didn’t “cost” me anything !

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    Diane says

    I’m asking the same as Sarah, is it spicy (hot) at all? I am pretty sensitive to heat (spice heat not temp) and can’t eat it. I used to eat hot peppers and Cajun spices but developed a sensitivity and now my husband and children have to be my food tasters when I try new things. I would say I feel like royalty with my very own food tasters but it really isn’t that great. 🙂

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    Sounds yummy! I LOVE garam masala. I’ve experimented with making my own, but now usually buy premade. The ingedients are a bit expensive & you end up with enough to make a TON. Spices do start to loose their potency, even when frozen. One of my favorite uses of garam masala is in a soup i make with roasted butternut squash, apples & onions. The spice gives wonderful low notes & complexity of flavor. I am not at all surprised to learn that you too use it! Thanks for your suggestions.