Thankful For Things That Did Not Happen

As we’re all hopefully being thankful this season, as we should every day, for our blessings in life, this morning Vince and I were unpacking boxes and came across a set of house plans for a house we were going to build in Kentucky.  They were all rolled up and just seeing the roll made me smile.  I remember picking out the lot, walking it over and over deciding where the house would be built.  I remember sitting down with the builder and going over a house plan we had found in a book and scribbling out the things I wanted changed.  I remember the day the plans were ready to be picked up and Vince and I sat down with the builder and made sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it before he started preparing his estimate for the cost of building our new home.

The next thing I remember is Vince telling me we were moving to Missouri and he would call the builder and tell him we weren’t building a new house.

The lot as I recall was almost one acre in a subdivision with lots of covenants, rules and lots of comparisons as to what the neighbor had or didn’t have.  Either I’ve changed a whole lot since we bought that lot or I wasn’t thinking very clearly back in about 2005.

It would have been a pretty house.  I talked Vince into using the very dark red bricks that I love and he doesn’t love.

With the downstairs and upstairs, it was right at 4,700 square feet.  What were we thinking?  We currently have 1675 square feet in the house and are doing just fine!

We opened up the plans and both of us gasped . . and at the same time, we both said “Thank goodness we never built that house!”

I remember being sad about not getting to build the house but then I loved the house we found in Missouri so I wasn’t sad for long.  Had we built the house in Kentucky, especially with the timing of everything, we probably would not have moved to Missouri and then we probably would not have moved to Texas because the Texas move idea got started with a guy Vince had worked with in Missouri and he had moved to Texas and he let Vince know about the opening here.

Sometimes when we’re sad about circumstances, we just need to forget what we can’t change and be optimistic about the future.

We had not seen those plans probably since they were packed away in 2006 in Kentucky and I hadn’t thought at all about how it all worked out.  There’s truly a reason for everything and sometimes we don’t even know what it might be for many years.  I was happy enough in Missouri but Texas is real close to perfect and I’m so glad we ended up here, with our little house!  🙂


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    Erin says

    That is great Judy! Always a reason I guess just have to be patient as I tell my kids ???? when things happen to change unexpectedly and it usually is good!

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    Diana in RR TX says

    Things always seem to work out in the long run. Your life at the yellow jacket ranch sounds better to me than one in a sub-division! Chickens don’t work well in them!!!!

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    I always think there are no unanswered prayers. We don’t always get the answer we want, but if we are patient, we see the wisdom of not hearing a yes on everything!

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    Anne says

    Yay for you, Vince, and the happy life you enjoy in Texas.

    When our daughter was about 13, which was 13 years ago, she encouraged us to move into a larger home, so she could have a bigger bedroom. We looked at houses, but we couldn’t find one that charmed us enough to leave our cherished friends and neighbors.

    A better plan was was to add on to our house. Our daughter took the old master bedroom, and it all worked out. The kids are out on their own now. What a mistake it would have been had we made that move! So glad we stayed put.

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    I don’t know if you listen to country music, but one of my favourite songs is “Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks. Sometimes the dream lost is necessary, in order to end up where you are meant to be. I’m glad you found your piece of Paradise in Texas.

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    Peggy says

    I must agree with all the other comments.

    I laughed when I looked at the first picture of the outside of the house. With the rolls of the paper the house looks like a cartoon house. Everything curvy and cute. I just want it colored with your bright print fabrics.

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    One of my all time most favorite Scriptures reads, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. We may not understand it at the time, and like you said, it may even make us sad for a period, but it’s comforting *to me* (anyway) to know that even when it’s not so happy, in the long run, it will have been for my good and/or good things will come out of it!! 🙂

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    e. scott says

    Oh Judy, I remember when you were all starstruck over that land and house, etc. I, also, remember that you were more than slightly upset because you couldn’t have the garage facing out, where you wanted it to, because of all the neighborhood covenents. I believe you decided that they didn’t need you and Vince for neighbors, anyway. I think you were right!

    I’m glad you are happy where you are. I’m all for small houses, also. Less room to mess up and, hence, clean….

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    Jody says

    That house plan would make a beautiful embroiidery.Each day is a fresh canvas whether we smell the roses or look at everything in black or what. I love rainbows Not stuck on anyone colour

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    Wow, that is a big house! But you obviously planned it as a long term home. Now the question is, with your new “Less is More” attitude, did you toss those old plans or did you roll them up and save them? 🙂

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    Carol says

    Ahhh, but you never know “what might have been”. Yes, by moving to Missouri all these good things happened….but who is to say that if you had stayed that something equally as wonderful, or maybe even better, would have happened. Or not.. That’s the excitement in life, you never know is going to happen and it keeps you on your toes. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade….but who’s to say that just letting those lemons sit another day or two before making the lemonade couldn’t have resulted in even sweeter lemonade. Last week was the 49th anniversary of JFK’s death and several articles about how history may have been different if he had lived……maybe….or maybe things would still have started to go downhill for Camelot…..then again, if JFK had lived, Bobby may have also….and years later maybe John Jr wouldn’t have died in that plane wreck….but….Edward would not likely have gone into politics without his two brothers dying….and look at what Edward accomplished in his lifetime.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad that you are happy with the life you have…..but what about the life you might have had.

    Favorite book: Road not taken.

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      Sometimes that works but in our case, we found out that the company Vince worked for was going to be sold and he would probably lose his job if he stayed there. The last thing we would have needed would have been that size house. Chad was 17 and needed to get away from some of his running buddies there. I wanted to get closer to Louisiana and with my bridge fear, needed to be west of the Mississippi River. The move to Missouri was one of the best moves we’ve ever made because it offered so many new starts!

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    Sometimes you just can’t plan life; it just happens. Oh the upsets you had last year as you looked for a house; and look at you and Vince now, chickens, garden, cattle and all. It was meant to be however you got there.