Twelfth Pair of Socks!

Yes, I finished 12 pairs of socks, which was my goal and surely I can finish one more pair before the end of the year.

I’m so pleased with the way the stripes matched up.  My knitting wasn’t perfect.  I was using two circular needles to knit two socks at once and I was often a bit tangled.  In order to get nice, uniform stitches, the needles need to be kept at pretty much the same angle and I had my needles in all kinds of positions during these socks.  Also, I used 2.50 mm needles and I usually use 2.25 so that made the stitches a bit looser than I like but they’ll work just fine for my happy feet!

Readers have asked to see the yarn so this is what’s left of the skeins of yarn for this pair.  This was Opal yarn.

I’m going to do another pair using two circulars and see if I can be more careful about keeping the angle of the needles right.


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    Roberta says

    Great to meet a goal!!!!!!!!
    What do you do with your leftover yarns??? I used to start with one yarn, switch to the next one and the next one until the socks were done. I knit two at once but on four needles instead of the circulars. Back then no one was doing socks on circular needles.

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    Norma says

    Very pretty. I just finished my first pair of socks. Not a very good fit so maybe I will try the from the toe up style next. Loved your yarn choice and really enjoy your blog.

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    pat hathaway says

    I admire you for being able to make such beautiful socks so fast. I can’t hold knitting needles any more after carpal tunnel surgery and trigger finger repair so I have to use knitting looms. I love making socks but I can never get two that look the same. LOL And no one in the family can wear wool so I have to use cotton or soy blends. Right now my sock loom has the second of a pair of fingerless mitts on it and I’m using Midnight Mohair yarn. I love the sparkle and the fuzz together. I just wish I could read books and knit at the same time so I could do two things at once. I’d probably drop a few stitches though so I’m better sticking with listening to music while I knit. The rhythm helps me count the stitches for the pattern.

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      Pat – I love to read as well – but anymore when I quilt or do any sewing I check out audio books from the library and listen to those. Kinda nice having a story read to me! LOL

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Congratulations — we both met several of our challenge goals (we won’t mention that one little point that we failed on). 😉

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    Jean S. says

    Beautiful socks! When I do two at a time on circular needles, I put each ball of yarn into a small zip-lock bag and just leave a corner open to pull the yarn through. It keeps the yarn from tangling and it’s easy to pick up the bag and move it if needed.

  6. 7

    Debbie says

    Judy, Have you thought of trying the magic loop method for making 2 socks at a time wth only one circular? You don’t get so tangled and there are no stepladders between needles. It’s a very easy transition from 2 circulars to one. I use magic loop for mittens, sleeves and hats.

  7. 9

    Mel Meister says

    Those really are beautiful socks. I have to finish my husband’s pair before I can do any more for me.

  8. 10


    I’ve been knitting socks, slowly, for acouple of years. However, I don’t have those plastic socks “stretchers” or whateveer you call them. Are they really useful do you think? Do you have to get different sizes for yourself and for Vince?

  9. 11

    Susie Reardon says

    I have never made socks, but looking at all the beautiful ones makes me wonder>>>>are you able to wear these socks with shoes or are they too thick? Do the seams bother you when wearing? Or do you wear these instead of shoes around the house? thank you…Susie