Baby Chicken Update

Those four little Silkie babies are so darned cute!  Their moms and dad are so funny too.  The minute we open the door, the two moms and the dad all try to hide the babies so we can’t see them.  It’s like they have their plan in place and the minute they see us, they jump into position.

What baby chicks?  We haven’t seen any baby chicks, have we?

Is that not the cutest bunch of chickens you’ve ever seen?

Here you can see three of them.  There’s one still hiding behind Tiffany, the brown mama.  The little baby closet to the camera is the tiniest little thing.  He may be one of Tiffany’s babies because she’s so tiny.

I think in the picture below, you can see three of them but the light yellow one is hidden.  There’s a very light grayish yellow one, a yellow one, an almost black one and a speckled one that I think is designated as “splash”.

This is the first time we’ve ever had baby chicks that hatched from eggs.  Well, I guess they all hatch from eggs but I mean . . it’s the first time we’ve ever hatched our own and they grew up with their parents and we didn’t have to keep them in a plastic box with a light.  It’s SO much easier this way and they’re so much more active with their parents around.  These little chicks are so fast!  They run and fly everywhere they go.  Vince piled up a bunch of wood chips in the corner so they can easily get up in the nesting box, which is where they sleep.  They get into the box and they come flying out of there, then they get back in and do it again.  They’re so fun to watch.

The Rest of the Story

Vince has come and gone from lunch.  He fixed the TV . . which wasn’t really broken as I had hoped, but some button was on that wasn’t supposed to be on.  The TV is hooked up to some box, which is hooked up to some box, which is hooked up to the Dish receiver so one wrong button and nothing works.  The truth is . . I’ve turned into my grandma and all things electronic scare me to death.

The washer . . not so lucky.  We’ve called Comanche Appliance but since they’re in Comanche and we’re in Brownwood, I’m not sure when they’ll get here.  The good news is . . Vince set up the washer and dryer in the shop over the weekend.  The dryer is hooked up but the washer needed a longer hose to reach to the septic tank hookup.  He’s going to stop and get that today and I can use the washer and dryer out there til the washer in the house is fixed.  The washer/dryer in the house are the mini units that are stacked.  The ones in the shop are full size.  I may just decide to take the ones out of the house and use that whole room for a pantry/kitchen overflow storage area and not even have a washer/dryer in the house.  We’ll see how it goes using the washer/dryer out in the shop before making a decision.

Speck is doing better.  He has these little “spells” about once a week.  He ate lunch and everything was fine.

About all that ground beef I bought — 7 pounds.  It’s not always easy to find grass fed beef and I try to get that as much as I can so I was real happy to find 7 packages of it marked down.

Last night we were watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and they visited the Metro Diner in Florida I think.  They made the most wonderful looking meat loaf and I wanted it . . right then!  It will be a few days before I fix it . . probably next week because my menu is made for this week and meatloaf is not on the menu.  This is the video of the meatloaf I want to make.  I’ll probably use one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground turkey for my meatloaf.

Chili is on my menu for Wednesday (tomorrow).  Vince loves Cincinnati Chili.  I think that we ate it so much that I no longer like it but I am such a good wife (really . . I am!), that I make it for him.  When we lived in Kentucky, we had a Kroger and they had a packet of Cincinnati Chili spice mix.  It’s another one of those things that I can make from scratch but it tastes just as good made using that mix.  One day at Kroger, they told me they were no longer going to carry the spice mix so I bought all they had (hoarder way back then!).  I think they only had 5 or 6 of the packets.  When we would be out of town and saw a Kroger, we would stop to see if they had the spice mix and they never did.  A manager or someone finally told us it was no longer available so we gave up.

This morning I was getting taco seasoning to make taco soup and what was sitting right next to the taco seasoning mix?

Being the good wife that I am (you do remember that I’m a good wife, right?), I’m substituting Cincinnati chili for real chili tomorrow night.  Two pounds of ground beef went into that.

Then I’m going to schedule real chili for one night next week because I like it.  Two more pounds of ground beef will go into that.

That only leaves two packages in the freezer so .  . I am not a hoarder because I have plans for all the ground beef I bought except for two pounds and having two pounds of ground beef in the freezer does not make one a hoarder!  🙂

And, I broke a glass while washing dishes.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a mirror!  🙂

Is Today Monday Again?

My little world is so close to perfect and things just hardly ever go wrong.  Last night I was so tired, I went to bed at 8:00.  That meant I was awake at 4 a.m.  I read til a little after 6 but I should’ve stayed in bed and read all day I think.

As soon as I got up, Speck got sick.  We were outside several times before daylight but he goes into his crate when he gets sick so I had to wash his dog bedding.  Then I turned the TV on to hear the news and see what the stock market was going to do (which I still haven’t checked) and there’s no signal.  I did all the things Vince does — unplug it, turn it off and on . . nothing.  Once Speck’s bedding was done in the washer, I decided to take the sheets of the bed and wash them.  I was in a washing mood.  Put them on to wash and got in the shower.  When I got done drying my hair I heard a buzzing sound.  Traced it to the laundry room.  The washer is buzzing, there’s water on the floor and it won’t do anything.

I don’t care so much about the washer but . . I only have one set of sheets for the bed.  I don’t like the way sheets smell when they’ve been in a closet or drawer so I always wash them and put them back on the bed.  One set of sheets . . stuck in a dead washer full of soapy water.

I took those out, put them in a big pot and carried them to the bath tub where I finished “washing” them.  I wrung each one out by hand and am putting one sloppy wet sheet in the dryer at a time.  Maybe by bed time, they’ll be dry.

There was good news today too.  I went to the doctor for my routine maintenance checkup and everything was fine.  Blood pressure was excellent.  Blood work results will probably result in cholesterol meds which I’ve resisted for years but not only do I love Blue Bell ice cream but both my parents and grandparents had cholesterol problems so I give up fighting it and will take the meds if the doctor recommends it.

Then I went to Kroger and other than it being about 30 degrees inside the store, I got my groceries, got some good deals.  Nolan Ryan grass fed beef with a use by date of tomorrow was marked down from $7.29/pound to $4.69/pound.  They had 7 packs and I got them all.  Hoarder!  🙂

Vince is home for lunch .. will finish later.