Baby Chicken Update

Those four little Silkie babies are so darned cute!  Their moms and dad are so funny too.  The minute we open the door, the two moms and the dad all try to hide the babies so we can’t see them.  It’s like they have their plan in place and the minute they see us, they jump into position.

What baby chicks?  We haven’t seen any baby chicks, have we?

Is that not the cutest bunch of chickens you’ve ever seen?

Here you can see three of them.  There’s one still hiding behind Tiffany, the brown mama.  The little baby closet to the camera is the tiniest little thing.  He may be one of Tiffany’s babies because she’s so tiny.

I think in the picture below, you can see three of them but the light yellow one is hidden.  There’s a very light grayish yellow one, a yellow one, an almost black one and a speckled one that I think is designated as “splash”.

This is the first time we’ve ever had baby chicks that hatched from eggs.  Well, I guess they all hatch from eggs but I mean . . it’s the first time we’ve ever hatched our own and they grew up with their parents and we didn’t have to keep them in a plastic box with a light.  It’s SO much easier this way and they’re so much more active with their parents around.  These little chicks are so fast!  They run and fly everywhere they go.  Vince piled up a bunch of wood chips in the corner so they can easily get up in the nesting box, which is where they sleep.  They get into the box and they come flying out of there, then they get back in and do it again.  They’re so fun to watch.


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    Not sure how you get anything done – I would want to spend all my time watching them.. I suppose I am easily entertained, but they are so funny!

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    Joanne Caglione says

    I bet you could stay out there all day watching those cuties:-)
    Over the weekend we were out doing our chicken chores and our young male Silkie CROWED!!!!!!!!!!!!! DARN IT!!!!!!!! I told him to hush up if he knew what was good for him! Then he proceeded to go after Miss Puff our Sultan…and she was having NONE of his overtures. The more he tries the more hen pecking he attracts. But thankfully haven’t heard him crowing since then.