Is Today Monday Again?

My little world is so close to perfect and things just hardly ever go wrong.  Last night I was so tired, I went to bed at 8:00.  That meant I was awake at 4 a.m.  I read til a little after 6 but I should’ve stayed in bed and read all day I think.

As soon as I got up, Speck got sick.  We were outside several times before daylight but he goes into his crate when he gets sick so I had to wash his dog bedding.  Then I turned the TV on to hear the news and see what the stock market was going to do (which I still haven’t checked) and there’s no signal.  I did all the things Vince does — unplug it, turn it off and on . . nothing.  Once Speck’s bedding was done in the washer, I decided to take the sheets of the bed and wash them.  I was in a washing mood.  Put them on to wash and got in the shower.  When I got done drying my hair I heard a buzzing sound.  Traced it to the laundry room.  The washer is buzzing, there’s water on the floor and it won’t do anything.

I don’t care so much about the washer but . . I only have one set of sheets for the bed.  I don’t like the way sheets smell when they’ve been in a closet or drawer so I always wash them and put them back on the bed.  One set of sheets . . stuck in a dead washer full of soapy water.

I took those out, put them in a big pot and carried them to the bath tub where I finished “washing” them.  I wrung each one out by hand and am putting one sloppy wet sheet in the dryer at a time.  Maybe by bed time, they’ll be dry.

There was good news today too.  I went to the doctor for my routine maintenance checkup and everything was fine.  Blood pressure was excellent.  Blood work results will probably result in cholesterol meds which I’ve resisted for years but not only do I love Blue Bell ice cream but both my parents and grandparents had cholesterol problems so I give up fighting it and will take the meds if the doctor recommends it.

Then I went to Kroger and other than it being about 30 degrees inside the store, I got my groceries, got some good deals.  Nolan Ryan grass fed beef with a use by date of tomorrow was marked down from $7.29/pound to $4.69/pound.  They had 7 packs and I got them all.  Hoarder!  🙂

Vince is home for lunch .. will finish later.


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    Sounds like you’re having a heck of a day!! May it only get better.
    Before you give in and start taking those nasty statin drugs why don’t you give Red Yeast Rice a try. After I heard that my brother lowered his cholesterol by 40 points using it I’ve been taking it too. We’ll see what the blood work shows next May or June. And if you do take the statins be sure to take CoQ10 too as the statins deplete the body of that and that depletion is thought to be a big part of the nasty side effects. FYI…up until 2001 the normal cholesterol level for people 50 & over was 250-310. That’s about the time the pharmaceutical companies started seriously marketing the statins. Suppose there’s any connection?

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    I have been in your shoes with a dead washer. Just because it was 13 years old and had already washed 2 loads that morning was NO reason for it to die. Hope Speck is feeling better.

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    I’ve done the diet thing, it didn’t work. I’ve done the diet and exercise thing, it only partially worked. I’ve done the Red Rice Yeast thing and had terrible stomach troubles. My Dr. and I have decided it is heriditary in my family, and I am now once again doing the meds thing. Only this time a different med from the first one, as the first one caused major depression and body aches. So far, so good, but we’ll see how the numbers are in 3 months. And I’m like you, I eat “real” food. If I eat ice-cream it’s made from real ingredients and not chemicals. I use butter and eggs when I cook. Half and half in my coffee. I’d rather eat “real” food than chemicals, especially as it doesn’t make a difference to my cholesterol numbers. My only vice is Diet Coke with Splenda (not aspartame, can’t do that stuff!). ;>)

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    This is why I love your blogs…the good, the bad and the horrible!!! Just like reality. Sure hope Speck is feeling better. Took my doggies to the Vet yesterday ( the bill was ugly) One has a red bump on his eye (Toby). He has a mild repiratory infection. He has 3 pills to take in the morning and boy is he happy about that!! I use the little smokies (wienies) and pop a pill in each. He jumps and catches them…whooosh gone. The other Doggie (Max) is another story. He had an operation last year for a torn ligament. I wasn’t sure if he hurt it again or it was the weather, so off to the Vet. Well thankfully it is the weather and maybe he strained it a little but the doc said the mend was holding and fine. He got some meds to…..There is NO WAY he is taking them. I tried pulverizing them, water added, and shooting them into his throat..not sure how much made it down. He wouldn’t even take the smokie…when he finally took it he walked away and laid it down, I picked it up and washed it and dunked it in butter..,,,still wouldn’t take it…Done now. I guess if he hurts enough he will take it?? Smart or dumb??? I haven’t decided but stubborn he is all about that!!

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    P.S. I would have bought all that Nolan Ryan discounted meat to!!! Hoarding must run in Quilters Blood Lines. Hereditary like cholesterol maybe??? 🙂 🙂

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    Barbara says

    I thought I was the only one who felt that way about sheets!! Out of the dryer and right back on the bed is the only way I ever do it. Can’t sleep on them any other way.

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    Diana in RR TX says

    Do the same thing with the sheets, washer, dryer and back on the bed. that way I don’t have to try and fold king size sheets! Love it when I find deals like that at the grocery store- great to have a freezer. Hope Speck is feeling better by now. No fun having sick puppies.

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    Great deal on the meat! Sorry Speck is sick, though. And I don’t know what I’d do without a working washer. I’m a one-set person, too. I’ve been taking 20 mg. simvastatin for about 3 years, and my cholesterol is way down now, even though I’m not big on denying myself good stuff. =)

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    Kris Jacobson says

    I have two set of sheets. I usually don’t get them washed until a day or two before I put them on the bed so I am taking them out of the laundry basket and putting them on the bed. They are always fresh then!