Home, Sweet Home

Do you ever get tired of hearing me say how much I love it here? Don’t answer that.  There is not a single day that we don’t say to each other “Can you believe we live here?” or “We were so lucky to get this place!”

Today it was like Grand Central Station around here, which is so unusual but the guy was here on the dozer clearing some paths where we can ride the RTV.  Some of the woods were kinda grown up.  We needed some cedar trees dozed down.  They suck up a lot of water and we’ll chip them for mulch.

The propane tank guy was here almost four hours.  Vince was here for a while and the propane guy must have said a dozen times how much he loved it here.  Once I said something about how hard it was for us to find a house here and he said “But when you found one, you really found a fabulous place!”  It always makes me feel good when others think this place is fantastic.

The washer repairman was here and he drove up and said “I wish I lived in a place like this!”

Then I went out tonight and here’s what I see:

I know . . the moon is beautiful everywhere tonight but I loved standing out in my back yard seeing it through the trees.

There are two people who don’t like it here . . wouldn’t live here if we gave them the place and don’t even like to visit — my parents!  My mom cannot figure out why I like it here and she would be most miserable here.  I don’t understand those folks!

There are days when I still have to pinch myself to see if it’s all real — just what I always wanted:  Not too far from town, enough land that I have no close neighbors, wildlife, chicken, peace and quiet  . . and a gas stove!  🙂


Those Darned Yarn Sales

One of my favorite yarn shops is Eat, Sleep, Knit.  They have a “Yarnathon”.  You get prizes . . the more yarn you buy, the more prizes you get.  Grand idea, right?  For them . . not so grand for my credit card!  🙂

They also have a Black Friday sale.  The way it works is this:  You put your yarn in your cart. You check out and then you determine how much “surprise” discount you got.  It could be anywhere from 10% to 100%.  If you’re a member of the “10K Club”, you get to start shopping one hour earlier than those who are not members.

I got to start early and I placed my first order. I got a 10% discount but that order put me into the next level on the yarnathon and I got a $20 gift certificate.  I explained to Vince . . oh, should I buy more while there’s a discount or should I just wait??  I knew what he was going to say because he was so sure I would get a bigger discount.  I placed another order and again got a 10% discount.  I was still going through my patterns in my Ravelry library and decided I wanted yarn for another project.  Another 10% discount.  But, once again, that put me into another level on the Yarnathon and I got another $20 gift certificate.  What’s a girl to do? Place another order.  This time I got 15% off.

The boxes . . all four of them . . arrived yesterday  For a while Vince was ordering old fountain pens off ebay.  When Vince orders something, if 20 are good, he orders 50.  The mail lady kept saying “what is he ordering?”  I told her pens and she didn’t quite get it.  That’s ok . . because I didn’t either.  But when my mail lady handed me those four boxes, I sheepishly said “The yarn shop had a sale.”  She said “Thank goodness the pen shop didn’t!”  I thought that was funny because Vince hasn’t gotten any pens in probably 3 months.

So . . here’s the yarn!

It’s not as much as it looks like.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  That’s what I keep telling Vince.  I think I’m beginning to believe it.  Not so sure about him though.

Another prize I got was when I reached the 5 mile mark. A cute little Namaste bag.

The little bag was full of goodies.

There’s a button, a measuring tape, stitch markers, puppy snips and a sample of Soak (for washing socks).

As an added perk, with each package from Eat, Sleep, Knit, you get a “lotto card”.  You scratch it off and you can win more prizes!

We send these back in and get credit in our account.  I’ve never sent any of them in but I’m doing it soon.  I have 11 – $5 gift certificates and 1 for a free skein of Malabrigo yarn.

Can’t beat that, huh?

About that yarn buying . . I have a plan for next year.  I had a plan for this year and I failed pretty miserably.  We’ll see if I can do better in 2013.  If not, I’m going to have to add a “Yarn Room” to my house.

Quiltmaker – Jan/Feb Issue

In the January/February issue of Quiltmaker, which is out now . .

. . . has a quilt designed and made by me!  Dawn and Dusk!  In neutrals.  Imagine that! 🙂

 It’s a big quilt .  . 91″ x 91″.

As always, this issue of Quiltmaker is a great one and you’ll want to get one for yourself if you don’t have a subscription.

Now you know that sometimes when I go for weeks and weeks with nothing new on my design wall, I’m really sewing and getting a lot done but I just can’t always show you.