Home, Sweet Home

Do you ever get tired of hearing me say how much I love it here? Don’t answer that.  There is not a single day that we don’t say to each other “Can you believe we live here?” or “We were so lucky to get this place!”

Today it was like Grand Central Station around here, which is so unusual but the guy was here on the dozer clearing some paths where we can ride the RTV.  Some of the woods were kinda grown up.  We needed some cedar trees dozed down.  They suck up a lot of water and we’ll chip them for mulch.

The propane tank guy was here almost four hours.  Vince was here for a while and the propane guy must have said a dozen times how much he loved it here.  Once I said something about how hard it was for us to find a house here and he said “But when you found one, you really found a fabulous place!”  It always makes me feel good when others think this place is fantastic.

The washer repairman was here and he drove up and said “I wish I lived in a place like this!”

Then I went out tonight and here’s what I see:

I know . . the moon is beautiful everywhere tonight but I loved standing out in my back yard seeing it through the trees.

There are two people who don’t like it here . . wouldn’t live here if we gave them the place and don’t even like to visit — my parents!  My mom cannot figure out why I like it here and she would be most miserable here.  I don’t understand those folks!

There are days when I still have to pinch myself to see if it’s all real — just what I always wanted:  Not too far from town, enough land that I have no close neighbors, wildlife, chicken, peace and quiet  . . and a gas stove!  🙂



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    Roberta says

    No moon here!!!! White knuckle ride home from guild meeting tonight. BUT I love it here too at our home!!!!
    Lots of land to walk, check out the wild animals, big garden, yup, good place!!!!

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    Judy, being from Missouri, I was sad when you said you were moving to Texas. But you really do have a dream place and more important, you are both happy. So I guess it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If your parents have lived in Louisiana their whole lives, that is home. They probably wouldn’t be happy any other place. I love it when you post pictures of your place, chickens, etc. I am happy for you.

  3. 4


    It’s a good thing that not everyone likes the same “good places.” If everyone liked them and tried to live there, they wouldn’t be “good places” any more. You’re fortunate to have found a place you love so much and others wish was theirs.

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    I completely get it. Recently, a friend asked me if I was, “getting out and having fun.” He doesn’t get that, given a choice, I will always choose “home.” I don’t need to go out out to enjoy views of mountains, canyons, sunrises and sunsets and playing in my big spacious, well lit studio is the “funnest” for me.

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    We have a beautiful moon here also, I travel between Texas and Nebraska, I feel the same way about being retired. I am so so blessed.

  6. 7


    My mom felt the same way when I moved to South Dakota. Said it was not the end of the world, but she could see it from here. Just made us laugh.

  7. 8


    I will never get tired of hearing you say it 🙂 Your contentment flows out of my computer screen and makes me happy. I love that you’re livin’ it up in Texas!

  8. 11


    What is important is that you and Vince are happy! The diversity in the world is what makes it great—what is good to some isn’t for others and that is okay! Have a great Texas Day!

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    wanda says

    Who doesn’t love Texas.? I had to say that. I love it here too. We have some of everything.. the weather is different daily and the moon and sunsets are wonderful. So glad you came to live on our great STATE. Enjoy it to the fullest. Sorry your parents don’t like it. They just don’t stay long enough to see how great Texas is.. Maybe someday they will change their minds. we can hope and pray can’t we?

  10. 14


    I am so glad you have found a nearly perfect home. We moved in July, and, not daily, but frequently, ask each other, “aren’t you glad we moved?”. I am!

  11. 15


    We don’t have a lot of land, all we want to keep up, but it is very wooded area and we love it here. One of Lynn’s aunts came to visit and asked “why do you two like living in a jungle”? What???? So everyone don’t like the woods and I don’t understand. Glad you and Vince like where you live.

  12. 16


    I still say those same words almost 40 years after our move here…..canNOT imagine us being anywhere else! My dad always loved coming here (passed away 15+ yrs ago) but Mom…not so much! Doesn’t like cats, dogs, barnyard critters, etc and being “out in the country” doesn’t fit her lifestyle. She, now, says it is beautiful but still doesn’t appreciate that we moved 150 miles from her! That moon is so similar to the one here!!!! Nothing like being able to see the stars against a black/moon-lit sky as opposed to one that is “corrupted” by city glow and street lights!!!! Had that very thought last eve as I sat by the livingroom window knitting and looking out to see………countryside and stars and kitty in the moonlight and quiet and………….

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    Mary in VA says

    I am so happy for you and love hearing about the place! My parents have no understanding of wanting a garden and chickens (just wait until we get a cow). They think I’m crazy to want to spend so much time “working” on a garden when I can buy stuff at the store. I just smile and am glad I live an hour away – in the country!

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    Diane says

    Sounds like you have it all!
    I saw the picture of the moon and thought, “hey that looks like the moon from last night” . LOL When I took the dogs out for their evening walk I just couldn’t keep my eyes on where I was going for looking at the moon. It was beautiful.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for the perfect place if we have to move again soon, and for a gas stove! 🙂