Hands In My Pocket

I feel like I should write a country music song . . too many hands in my pocket! 🙂  I told Vince this afternoon that I feel like our bucket has too many holes in it!

I was outside when the appliance repair folks called to tell me that the repair bill on the washer is pretty steep and I told them we’d buy a new washer/dryer instead of fixing the old one.  As I was walking into the house to look online at the washer and dryer they recommended, I looked to my left and the gate/fence guy was over installing another gate.

He’s been here at least two weeks and isn’t done yet.  The big gate at front has taken a lot of time.  He would have gotten it all hooked up today but there’s a bad board in the gate opener so that’s on hold til the middle of next week.  We’re adding a gate behind the bantam coop and another gate behind the house.  I’m sure he’ll be here at least through the first half of next week.

Then I looked to the right and the guy was here filling the propane tanks.

Having both tanks full is like money in the bank but it is kinda painful at the time they’re filled.

This afternoon I missed a call from my doctor after my “annual” on Tuesday.  He left a message and said “We need to talk .  . nothing bad . . it’s about your cholesterol, thyroid and Vitamin D levels.”  I’m already taking meds for all three but I guess something isn’t right.  If the thyroid levels are low, that will explain why I’m so tired . . I just thought I’d been working extra hard.  I’ve been in bed by 8 or 8:30 almost every night it seems.  Not sure if I’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow or Monday.  I told Vince and he said “at least only three things are wrong” and I told him I thought they only checked three things!

I’m going to sit and knit and hope that we can at least make it til bed time without spending half our life savings!  🙂


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    I know some days it feels like all we do is pay out and we never left the house. How thoughtful of them all to come to us. We’re on propane too and we can get almost three years out of our tank(we don’t have the gas stove). Good luck with the Dr he’ll make the adjustments.

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    Lee says

    First off, I hope that doctor’s recommendations for adjustments all go well – maybe you’ll need to take less in the way of meds 😉 I’m not a stringent penny-pincher, but I am reasonably frugal, and I agree – too many hands in the pockets! And last night my hubby tells me his dad (age 85) will be finally moving into a retirement(?) apartment and needs a bed, so we’ll be sending some $$ his way, son has a school trip to D.C. in June – installments being paid, and there’s more to this list – it seems lately it’s been a lot will remain that way now that it’s Christmas season and year-end giving. I don’t begrudge the giving, just hate when it all seems to go at the same time!

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    Teri Jordan says

    I had to chuckle,,,,I just had the same thing with the Doctor….just an adjustment of meds….LOL
    Everything costs so much now a days….we have a handy man that is pretty cheap and does a good job….anything my husband can’t do he will do ….
    I am almost at the point of canning, but not yet next spring we are putting in our vege garden…..love your blog…..

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    Karen Langseth says

    You will love the front load washer, I personally think they spin more water out of the clothes so your dryer will have an easier time. I hear ya about draining the savings account, some months the paycheck just doesn’t go far enough.

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    pdudgeon says

    actually all of those things are investments, but unfortunately it does take money. maybe with the new washer and dryer you’ll be using less electricity than with the old models.. Hopefully the cost to you for these items will be a lot less if you spend it now rather than later.

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    Cindy lecamus says

    Oh Judy, didn’t realize you had problem with thyroid. I have all that to. Wishing you all the best. You are my hero with all you accomplish daily!

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    Anne C. says

    Hope your cholesterol and thyroid problems will be easily treated. I learned yesterday that my thyroid and vitamin D levels are normal. Finally stable after going through numerous adjustments to my dosage of synthroid in the past 18 months. Seems that I’d lose tons of hair each time my doctor tweaked my meds.

    Maybe all of the improvements to and purchases for your beloved abode will get you and Vince set for many years to come.

    I personally will celebrate the day we pay off all bills related to our daughter’s 2010 wedding. I have grown weary of hearing my husband mention that particular debt every time I request that we replace our 26-year-old carpet or change out a set of French doors that have at least a 1/4-inch gap between the door and the facing. Talk about energy inefficiency!

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    Doe in Mi says

    OUCH! Hope your thyroid is okay. I know that can mess you up and its not fun. Prayers from me to you.