Magazine Subscriptions

For those who get tired of the clutter and paper around, my preferred method for getting magazines now is to get the digital versions.  I love being able to pull up a quilt magazine anywhere that I have internet access and look at it on the laptop or ipad, or even on the phone if I’m in a quilt shop and needing to know something about a pattern I might want to make.

This is the link for Quiltmaker’s digital subscription.  You can go there and view a sample and see what it would look like on your computer or tablet or phone.

Other magazines probably have the same option but Quiltmaker is the one I’m most familiar with (and besides, I emailed the editor yesterday and she sent me the link!)


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    I saw that options with the Mother Earth subscription. I’m going to try it, but I’m still not ready to go completely digital. We’ve just got a desktop computer. No Ipad or access on our phones. I do have a Kindle – just the original one, but I still like getting magazines in the mail. I am pretty ruthless about recycling them when I am done. Still, I may be eating my words once I try it! I eat a lot of words! 🙂

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    Jean Belle says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve wondered what a digital magazine looked like and how it worked – or IF it would even work on my computer. It’s much easier than I thought it would be to navigate. I would never have considered a digital magazine without the chance to see how one worked.

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    Debbie Rhodes says

    I don’t have a Kindle or I-pad.. or tablet of any kind.. was wondering if you can print from them?

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    Robin says

    OK so I agree about the clutter- I have waay too many quilt magazines in piles and baskets in my sewing room but I guess I’m too old fashioned and like to “feel and hold” my magazines when i read them.

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    Kathy C says

    If you get the digital edition can you download it to more than one device?
    I have a tablet that I don’t think I can print from and a desktop that I can print from.