Vince and the Serpent

Snake Alert:  There is a picture of a snake in this blog post!

The bull dozer guy (not the bull sizer or the bull fighter or the bull fixer as the auto correct on my cell phone kept saying) was here again today.  I am looking forward to a day without him here, as is my checkbook!  Every time he thinks he’s done, Vince decides he wants something else done.

Today he spread more rock on the driveway and cut more paths through the back.  He also scraped up some dirt and made a couple of big piles of dirt for a project Vince needs.  When Vince got home from work, he said “Let’s go see what he did today.”  So, off we went.

We were walking along and I only had my cell phone for a camera.  I took a picture of the dirt — in some places here, we have dirt as black and fertile looking as dirt can be.  In some places, we have pure rock — big rock, little rock, not much soil at all.  In some places we have sand.  We were walking through sand with small rocks and I was looking down at it and all of a sudden, I saw this:

I screamed like a girl!  Were were right up on it and Vince still didn’t see it.   When he finally saw the snake, we didn’t have a clue what he was.  Vince grabbed a stick and tried to see his tail and the snake was hissing at him . .  making lots of noise!  We let him live — Vince decided he wasn’t poisonous.  When we got home, Vince looked him up and thinks he’s an Eastern Hog Nose something . . . I forgot what he’s called.  All I know is there are too many darned snakes around here.

And, bad girl in the country . .

What is it going to take for me to put the flip flops away and never wear them again?  If all the close encounters we’ve had with snakes in the past year haven’t convinced me to put the boots on and wear them every day, summer, fall, winter and spring . . and get rid of the flip flops, I may need to have my head examined.  Every time this happens, I say I’m not wearing flip flops again and I don’t wear them for a week or so and then I go back to wearing them.

It’s no excuse with all the snakes we have around here but . . I go out in the garden and my flip flops are covered in mud and I hose them off.  I walk through the yard and step in chicken . . manure . . and then I hose off the flip flops.  We don’t wear shoes in the house and it’s so easy to kick the flip flops off at the door.  It’s really hard to get used to wearing boots and taking them on and off 100 times a day as I go in and out of the house and in and out of the sewing room but once again . . I’m telling myself I’m going to do it — flip flops will be exchanged for boots for a few days at least.

I think the real problem is that I need old boots to wear every day for garden and yard work and I don’t have any . . all my boots that are relatively snake proof are new and if you’ve bought boots lately, you know they don’t come cheap and I hate to get a pair all muddy and full of chicken “you know what” but I guess it’s time to decide if I’d rather get a nice pair of boots dirty . . boots that were made for working . . or if I’d rather get snake bit.  Pretty easy to answer since I put it like that, huh?

Keeping Peace Amongst the Chickens

Some of you may think having chickens is a simple task — provide a cute chicken coop, plenty of food and fresh water, tell them bed time stories each night, duck tape their wounds, gather eggs . . but there’s much more to it than that!

I find myself often playing referee when there are brawls in the chicken yard.  Usually they can be convinced to play together nicely . . unless one hen wants the favorite nest and the other hen has already claimed it as her own laying box.

This morning while minding my own business, thankful for some quiet time to think and ponder some events of the weekend, I was in the sewing room with the door closed and my music on and I kept hearing squawking.  I knew exactly what was wrong.   Miss Hattie and Sally have been laying their eggs in the gravel near the shop so Vince took a cardboard box and put shavings in it to make them a nice, soft spot for their eggs but no . . they have no interest in laying in there.  We even put an egg in there to show them what the box is for.

I went out and found that Sally was sitting in the box with wood shavings, and even though Miss Hattie has never once used that box, she didn’t want Sally in there and Miss Hattie was making the biggest commotion.  I went back to get the camera and apparently she thought I had gone to get the stew pot because she calmed down but I was able to get a bit of her tantrum on the video.

In the video, Miss Hattie is between the lawn mower and the RTV.  You can hear the roosters in the background.  I think they’re all saying “We’re so glad we don’t have to worry about all that egg laying business!”

After all that fussing, look where the eggs ended up!  Not in the box with the shavings.  Miss Hattie had no intention of getting in the box but she also didn’t want Sally in there.

Raising good, well adjusted chickens, who can get along with each other and share  is no easy task!

Design Wall – December 3, 2012

One more week and I’ll be able to show my design wall.  There’s a project on there now that I can’t share but I’ll have it off next week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have a design wall picture to show.

In the meantime, please inspire us all with what you’re working on.  If it’s a design from a purchased pattern or book, will you please share in your blog post so that others who want to make it can do so, or if it’s a freebie from the internet, please share a link.  Thanks!