Keeping Peace Amongst the Chickens

Some of you may think having chickens is a simple task — provide a cute chicken coop, plenty of food and fresh water, tell them bed time stories each night, duck tape their wounds, gather eggs . . but there’s much more to it than that!

I find myself often playing referee when there are brawls in the chicken yard.  Usually they can be convinced to play together nicely . . unless one hen wants the favorite nest and the other hen has already claimed it as her own laying box.

This morning while minding my own business, thankful for some quiet time to think and ponder some events of the weekend, I was in the sewing room with the door closed and my music on and I kept hearing squawking.  I knew exactly what was wrong.   Miss Hattie and Sally have been laying their eggs in the gravel near the shop so Vince took a cardboard box and put shavings in it to make them a nice, soft spot for their eggs but no . . they have no interest in laying in there.  We even put an egg in there to show them what the box is for.

I went out and found that Sally was sitting in the box with wood shavings, and even though Miss Hattie has never once used that box, she didn’t want Sally in there and Miss Hattie was making the biggest commotion.  I went back to get the camera and apparently she thought I had gone to get the stew pot because she calmed down but I was able to get a bit of her tantrum on the video.

In the video, Miss Hattie is between the lawn mower and the RTV.  You can hear the roosters in the background.  I think they’re all saying “We’re so glad we don’t have to worry about all that egg laying business!”

After all that fussing, look where the eggs ended up!  Not in the box with the shavings.  Miss Hattie had no intention of getting in the box but she also didn’t want Sally in there.

Raising good, well adjusted chickens, who can get along with each other and share  is no easy task!


  1. 1

    Lee says

    What a crack up – and no cracking yolks ;p
    Seriously,, I enjoyed your video, it lifted my heart to actually HEAR chickens again, and those roosters in the background – made my day!

  2. 2

    Deb says

    I found your site because of your quiltin. And I love the posts you do about cooking, gardening – oh, all things food related.

    But lately, I just want to know what those crazy chickens are doing. Thanks for the laughs!

    • 2.1


      You’re welcome. We have so much fun watching the chickens just be chickens. We laugh at them often because Speck doesn’t know dogs are supposed to chase chickens and the chickens don’t know they’re supposed to be afraid of dogs. Speck will sniff the chickens and they’re reach over and peck at something on him. Goofy animals!

  3. 6

    Erin says

    Oh what a riot! The eggs weren’t in the box! All that fuss! Thanks for taking the time Judy to show us that! Loved it!

  4. 7

    Pauline Kennelly says

    Obviously Miss Hattie likes the sound of her own voice! Smart chicken, she”s found the shed magnifies her voice. Sounds like she”s practicing for a concert in which she is the lead singer.

  5. 8


    Who says we have to have an empty nest when the kids leave home? 🙂 I think Miss Hattie is just keeping everyone in line. After all, someone has to rule the roost!

  6. 9

    Connie says

    I’m just chuckling to myself because you only had one child and never dealt with the stuff I dealt/deal with in having 3 but now you’re getting a taste of it with chickens. LOL

  7. 10

    Diana Stewart says

    Galen is wondering why I am sitting here listening to chickens and the girls are ready to check out the tablet that is making such a strange noise! Loved the video

  8. 11

    Linda says

    I didn’t know chickens had personalities. This is so funny. Now I really feel sorry for the poor chickens who have to live on commercial farms and don’t have the good life like your chickens have.

  9. 12

    Joanne Caglione says

    Miss Hattie is in the house!!!! LOL She is the CIC – Chicken in Charge!!!! My Ruby is like that – strutting her stuff and maintaining order. I just love it! Thanks for sharing.

  10. 13

    Mel Meister says

    I never had any idea that chickens were so funny! I’m sitting here trying not to chuckle too loudly and wake up; my husband! LOL!

  11. 14

    Dawn-Marie says

    I can’t wait to show my girls this post when they get out of school. They are already so excited about the chickens we are getting in April which is because I fell in love iwth your chickens.

  12. 16

    Char Scott says

    What a hoot! My city dogs were running all over the room to find what in the world that noise was! My old Aussie mix quickly figured out it was coming from my phone, smart girl. The boys never did! Love your chicken tales or should I say “tails”

  13. 17

    Linddylou says

    I had a great laugh. While visiting a cousin in Washington, I would tell her every morning that we might have rooster soup if I caught that bugger in the early a.m.