The Shoe/Boot Situation

This morning I awoke with a mission to do something about my boot/shoe situation.

These are the “boots” that I wear when I do wear shoes in areas that I consider safe, which is basically from the house to the sewing room.  These boots are soft (flimsy) and offer no protection against snakes at all.

When the man was here bringing the new propane tank, I told him that when I walk up to the tank to check the gauge, I always fear there could be a snake under the tank.  He looked down at my feet and I was wearing these shoes, and he said “If you’re wearing those shoes, you’d better fear!”

So often I plan to walk across the driveway to the sewing room and end up stopping by to check the propane tank or going to check eggs and these shoes offer little more protection than the flip flops.

I already had these boots.  These were my “snake boots” til we encountered a couple of rattle snakes.

They’re thick and hard and come above my ankles and they would protect my feet from a snake bite but don’t offer much leg protection.

After coming across rattlesnakes and knowing how high they can strike, I got these:

These boots come up to my knees and I feel pretty secure in them.  Normally when walking through the woods, these are the boots I wear.  These are definitely not boots I’ll be wearing every day though.

This morning I told Vince that I wanted different safe shoes and I thought Tractor Supply had some on sale for $39.99.  I went there to see what I could find.  I didn’t like the ones I found that were on sale, and the only ones I saw were $49.99.  They were hard and ugly.

But, then I saw these!

They’re so pretty!  Maybe too pretty for the garden and chicken poop covered yard!  They’re so soft inside and they’re comfortable.  I like them a lot but they were not on sale and they were way more than I was planning to spend.  I tried on a few more pairs and nothing compared to the way these felt.  But, I did find these:

These are kinda like tennis shoes but they’re solid leather — none of the meshy stuff on them.  They’re real comfortable and while not very good for snakes, they have to be better than flip flops and I can actually see myself putting these on every day.  They weren’t on sale either.  I debated with myself about buying two pairs but really, I so rarely buy shoes.  I decided I’d just do it.

As I was checking out, guess who walked in . . just in time to hear the total for my two new pairs of shoes!  Yep . . and all he wanted to know was . . what happened to the $39.95 shoes you came in here to buy?  I changed my mind .. I’m a woman and I have that privilege!  I don’t think he agreed.


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    CindyM says

    … this is why Scott and I rarely shop together for ANYTHING, let alone shoes. I’m a shoes whore (my co-worker has deemed me this). If you wear an 8.5 or 9, I might have good snake boots… and I never intend to walk anywhere that there would be a high danger of snakes! *L*

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    carole says

    Yep…now I remember why we chalked Texas off our list of places to move. Snakes! Don’t ever want to see one.

    • 3.1


      Everyone has to decide what’s best for them. We’ve lived in Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas and we’ve seen snakes everywhere we’ve lived. There were a whole lot of things we considered when deciding where to move, knowing this would probably be where we retired, and Texas came out on top in most every category we considered but snakes were not on our list. I’m sure there are folks in Texas towns who have never and will never see a snake.

      • carole says

        When we lived in southern NY, we were right near the Appalachian Trail and before it was illegal to hunt them, there were always the pictures in the local newspaper of men with their dead timber rattler and copperhead trophies.. Never saw one in my yard in 27 years but others did who lived closer to the fields and woods. We moved to suburban Omaha 6 years ago and I am happy to report that I still haven’t seen anything bigger than a worm, Yeah!!!! Now that I’m a senior with bad knees,, I don’t even want to contemplate having to run away from something that can strike out at me faster than I could blink. Did I mention that I”m always bare-foot? I just hope that everone is happy and content where they live. I sure am. Besides many other things, it’s quilters’ heaven here!

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    I am with you – if I find shoes I like that fit, I buy them right then and there… I have a tough time finding shoes that fit both criteria – and hate shoe shopping!!!

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    The new boots are really cute. Not really high enough to protect your legs though. Maybe you should get a nice, big stick to kind of beat the ground with as you walk along and use it to poke into places you really can’t see into before getting too close. My theory is that it’s better to give the snakes some warning and give them a chance to slither away before you get close enough to need knee-high snake boots.

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    Debbie Rhodes says

    I am wondering if a pair of those elastic shoe strings would make those boots easier to wear? I have got those for shoes I want to be able to slip on as I go out the door. I go in sock feet in the house… but hated having to sit down and tie shoes when I needed to go “encourage” the dogs to come in or go out into yard for some reason…. just a thought… I don’t know if you could find them long enough for boots though?

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    barbara says

    yep, cuteness wins every time :). i did notice that each pair got shorter and shorter as you went along. no doubt about it, judy, you’re fighting this all the way. maybe you need cute shoes and separate leg protecters.

  7. 9


    Hummm – just tell Vince that they are better than flip flops and cost less than an emergency room visit! I like the boots! Nice choice! I bought my son boots today – it was snowing and turns out ALL his boots are TOO SMALL (growing boy). He was so excited just to have boots that fit and kept saying “thank you!” I think so often we don’t get new stuff for ourselves because what we have is still “good” and fits. Every once in awhile, I think we all need to spluge on these kind of things. You found 2 pairs that fit and feel good too (how often does THAT happen?), and how long will it be before you buy shoes again? But… I have to wonder… do they make something like snake gaiters?

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    Pauline Kennelly says

    Why don’t you look into the metal leg/shin shields that protect from striking snakes as well as offer some protection from brambles? Most strap on, but you might be able to Velcro them for easy off and on? That hog nose is a beautiful animal, I’m glad Vince didn’t kill it. Some snakes are quite beneficial, eat small rodents and bugs.,

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    Sandy says

    Someone suggest snake gaiters to you and I remember my father had a pair many years ago that he wore when he went hunting in the Florida woods. You can still buy them. I don’t have a fear of snakes like you do because I’ve seen a lot of them and know most aren’t poisonous. They don’t strike unless they’re startled and feel threatened.

    I’m glad you found some comfortable shoes! I have a hard time finding shoes that fit and hate shoe shopping.

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    Joanne Caglione says

    OK Judy – forget the Crocs!!! LOL I get it now – you mean REAL protection! I mostly have cotton mouths to worry about…all serpents are bad!!!

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    Oops! But those boots are way too gorgeous to pass up. Good for you for getting both pairs … but aren’t you stuck now with those other knee-highs you don’t like so much? I mean, for snake protection? 🙁 (Not that it matters, as long as you got those beautiful lace-up boots. LOL!)

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    Diane in CA says

    You can get zippers for those tall boots.. They have eyelets and lace in and are used by firemen and the swat team here.. It sure would make those fancy boots a lot more user friendly.

  13. 17


    Love the boots! I have a pair of black ones like them! I think they’re Ariats. so comfortable…amazing….but not snake boots! We have quite a few/lot of Timber Rattlers around our place (S.E. MN near the Mississippi). Haven’t found them to be aggressive, though…..but I am with the garden hoe and/or 22 pistol that I carry! Snakes like amongst the berry bushes (blackberry, raspberry, “black caps”). Always something to be watching for!!!!!

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    Sara in AL says

    The Justin boots are called paddock boots. We horse people wear them all the time. I have a pair of Justin’s and they are the most comfortable paddock boots I have had. Mine are waterproof, and man are they ever! Mine are diry and worn, but still comfortable after 2 years. They are also great for riding or mucking out the stalls, but not really snake proof. Like someone said if the snake has a chance it will get away, unfortunately I never know that they are there until they scare me half to death.LOL

  15. 19

    wanda says

    Good choices. Now you will be protected and we won’t worry about your feet so much. You need them to walk to the sewing room and do quilting remember.