The Snake Situation

Thanks to all who sent me tips about protecting ourselves from snakes.  I think I’ve given the impression that there are dens of snakes waiting to attack when we walk out the door.  That’s not so!  We’ve seen 3 rattlesnakes and maybe half a dozen other snakes in the year we’ve been here.  We’re in the woods a lot!  Between our walks through the woods, the garden and the chickens, I don’t think we’re seeing a lot of snakes.  There are folks who live in town here who never see snakes.  Even living out in the country here, if we spent a lot of time in the house or close to the house, we would never see snakes.  They’re not a big problem . . unless you wear flip flops in the woods.

It’s purely a matter of being smart and wearing flip flops is not smart.  There’s no way I’m wearing tall boots or gaiters when the temps are well over 100 degrees.

Flip flops, crocs and sandals will not be worn outside.  Sturdy tennis shoes, and low boots are fine for around the yard and in the garden.  Tall boots will be worn when we’re out in the woods at dusk or before daylight.

I’m always pulling weeds and sticking my hands in spots too so I’m used to having a stick and making noise or shaking the brush and vegetation before sticking my hands down there.

It isn’t nearly as serious and I fear some of you are thinking.   In Louisiana, several times I had a snake inside my house.  At least that hasn’t happened here.  We saw as many snakes in Kentucky and Missouri as we’ve seen here but it’s mostly because we spend so much time outside.


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    here n baton rouge, la we get maybe 3 to 5 snakes a year. One of those is a moccossin and the rest baby rattlers or water snakes. Armadillos by the boatload, oppossums galore.

    And we live in the city…….glen

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    3 rattlesnakes (or any other snake) would be the end of me but I realize that for “normal” people that it’s not a real danger.

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    When I lived in IL on the farm, we had a timber rattler that used to love to sun itself on the sandbar in the creek during summer. Big ol’ thing!
    We’ve had water moccasins in the pond, and copperheads as well (including one of the biggest recorded in IL – inside a bale of straw that my daughter dumped into the goat pen). We’ve had other snakes too – but those are the poisonous ones. Baby copperheads were the scariest – particularly since they had fallen into my boots (and I have NO idea how they got up onto the balcony!) FAST as in VERY FAST little things – and just as venomous (possibly more) than the adult snakes.

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    Roberta says

    With your drought might not be enough food stuff to support a large snake population. This might be a good thing!!! LOL Keep that in mind if it starts to rain a lot. I don’t mind snakes as long as they don’t move right in front of me and scare me. Sometimes i think it’s a game with the ones around here. Love to see me jump!!!!

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    Pat McG says

    All that tractor work that has been going on at your house may have disturbed the snakes. Those soft western boots are made to get” smick” on them and wash up. Just put some water proofing on them and they should be fine.

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    Jill Tanking says

    I had a flower bed on the north of my country home. Use a small metal sprinkler head and move it closer to the faucet as I water. Many a late evening I would go out in my stocking feet to turn the water off. WELL, one night went out the garage door got about 4 feet from the house and turned around to see what was making the noise. There was a 41 inch, 10 diamond back rattler flipping back and forth. I think he was as scared as I was. I turned off the water and pulled the sprinkler head to me. Then swinged the sprinkler head at the snake. Got him away from the door but injured enough that he would not go anywhere. Was able to get in the garage door, grabbed my mop and went back out beat it with the mop. It went flying everywhere. Then I remembered where my shovel was. Went in and got it. Then finished off the snake. Left it by electric garage door for the pick up. Took a picture of it the next day, Have been more cautious going out the back door now. The only good snake by the house is a dead snake.

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    Jill Tanking says

    Forgot about the small bull snake that was in my Virginia Creeper. Was letting the dog out and she was cursious about the batch I let grow and then move to the wired area. Just thought it was one of the many lizards we had around the place this year. Took the small shovel to move the Virginia Creeper around. The dog follwed some to the wired area. Then I saw something move in the grass. There was a bull snake with its head up in the air turned around looking at me. Then went back to the wired area. Was hitting shovel in that area trying to hit it. Well, it finally got back out in the grass. I took the shovel and cut it in half. Then buried it. So the dog or the cat would play with it. Last snake close to the house this year. It has been so dry they were coming up the water in my flower beds.

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    Linda says

    I’ve killed quite a few snakes in my suburban Houston yard. All of them but one were copperheads. I had one in a hanging basket of fern. That was a big surprise. I didn’t expect it off the ground. One was in my kitchen, I spotted it late at night coiled up under a cabinet edge. I’ve had many in my landscaped beds. They blend in perfectly, looking like a stick. No matter how small they are, they are poisonous. Since living here, I have learned to identify and kill snakes, but I am still afraid of them. I always keep a sharp tool by my side when I am working in the yard. I wish they would just go away!

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    Judy Garber says

    I loved your hog-nose snake picture……..they’re neat snakes, if you can call a snake neat!