Dinner Last Night

Yes, Mom!  I remember that I’m trying to get my cholesterol down.  Thank you for reminding me after we had hot dogs for lunch and hamburgers for dinner on Monday!  At least we ate them at home and didn’t eat them in a fast food restaurant.  That has to count for something.

Tuesday night’s dinner:

We ate lunch at Chili’s and despite my lack of enthusiasm about eating there, we tried their new steaks with toppings and they were delicious — tender and juicy and the service was great.  But, I wasn’t hungry for dinner.  Vince had something he found in the fridge.  I was sewing til late and when I came back to the house, I finished off this ice cream.

Not that I’ve ever had Blue Bell ice cream that I didn’t like but this one was so good.  I knew the carton was almost empty, was at the grocery store yesterday and did not buy more.  That’s good and just that one act of self control should cause a reduction in the bad cholesterol numbers, don’t you think?



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    If there’s any justice in the world at all it will lower your numbers by at least 20 pt. After a lot of reading I’m about convinced that this whole obsession with cholesterol is just a plot by pharmaceutical companies to up their profits. We should live life until we die and not worry so much about numbers along the way. Eat good food, pet fabric & pets, sew quilts and enjoy life while we can.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I only have Banana Pudding and Strawberry Blue Bell flavors in the freezer. I’ll have to try the Christmas Cookie flavor. I”ll take your word for it that it is good!!!!

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    No Blue Bell ice cream in Minnesota. None. Nada. But the first thing we do when we’re in Texas is go to the little IGA grocery store and buy some fabulous Blue Bell ice cream. Any flavor. They are all delicious. And I’m not even a big ice cream lover.

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    Mary Jo says

    When my grandfather was told that he needed to change his diet to reduce his cholesterol, he told the doctor that one day he was going to die…bu the would be full of the food he liked!
    My grandfather died at the youngest age of any of his 11 siblings..he was in his mid 80’s. The whole family grew up on the farm and ate eggs, bacon, sausage, country ham, biscuits made with lard and just about anything fried! The sister that lived the longest was 104 when she died!

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    Sherry Moran says

    Maybe we’re kidding ourselves, but my DH and I buy Blue
    Bell only when it’s on sale! Of course, any reduction in price
    is considered a sale!! Love, love, love it. I know I’ve gained
    weight just from being behind a Blue Bell truck in traffic –
    that exhaust, you know!!

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    Oh the memories you bring back from when I was growing up in Texas! My husband and I LOVE Blue Bell Ice Cream, too but it is probably good that I can’t get it up in the northwest.

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    Not fair. I don’t think we have Blue Bell ice cream here and now I really want to eat some!!! I wonder if DH would mind running on over to TX for some ice cream?? 🙂

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    Silquilter says

    While we don’t have Blue Bell here in Oregon, We do have Tillamook! Cheese and Ice Cream from the coast of Oregon! It’s really really good!