There are things that I wish I’d never experienced and springerle cookies are one of those things.  I had never had them until we moved to Kentucky and The Donut Bank, a bakery in Evansville, Indiana had them every year around Christmas.

If you’ve never had them, you can read about them here.  It was easy enough to buy them when we lived in Kentucky but . . all good things come to an end and we moved away and left my beloved Donut Bank behind.  That’s when I learned to make them!

It starts with a recipe, and a Springerle pin.  Another bit of a hurdle was that I use anise oil instead of anise seed and at one point, I couldn’t find anise oil anywhere but now . . as one might guess, I have a lifetime supply.

My cookies were made yesterday and left out overnight to dry out.

Well, maybe ALL the cookies didn’t stay out all night to dry.  Maybe a few of them got baked and consumed last night.

They’re so pretty and they taste so good. I’ll make them several times between now and Christmas and then I’ll have my fill of them and will not even think about them again til next Christmas.


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    Peggy says

    How much oil do you use? I am not a fan of licorice candy,, but I am not sure it is the flavor or the texture. A cookie would help me decide. if it is the flavor or the the rubbery texture.

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    shirley bruner says

    oh my goodness…i have not had those in years. i’ve never made them. do you do mail order? i’ll take a dozen. LOL

  3. 3


    Those do take me back to Germany! They are wonderful. I have never made them because I have lovely relatives who send these in the Christmas packages!

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    Mel Meister says

    They were always a tradition when I was growing up, but Mom bought them. I managed to find them here in Florida but Publix wants a 2nd mortgage on your house for a dozen.

    I’ve been wanting to make them now for a long time. I have a rolling pin…. somewhere….

    I do make pizzelles though… the anise flavored kind. Makes the house smell soooo good!

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    I think we have the same springerle roller, Judy. I have been lucky enough to have friends gift me with newer springerle presses from Switzerland, as well. My sister loves to get these from me; our neighbor back in the 50s made them every year. It brings back such memories. Thanks for reminding me to get going….they taste so much better when they have aged a week or so.

  6. 12

    Linda P in IL says

    Springerle cookies were a favorite of my Dad (and me too).
    My husband is a cookie lover..he had never “met” a cookie he didn’t like until he sampled these. lol..so I only make them every couple of years. Thanks for jogging my memory. I’ll make them this year>