What’s Her Problem?

Mother Nature?  Maybe she got a cocklebur under her sweater! 🙂

We’re rolling along with highs in the upper 70’s and lows in the upper 40’s or low 50’s and I look at the weather forecast and Monday, our high is in the upper 40’s and our low . . 18º.  Tuesday’s night low will be 18º.  Then, back to the same temps we’d been having.  That’s probably low enough to damage the mustard greens and lettuce since they haven’t been hardened by cold nights.

This afternoon we picked about half a row of mustard and a few beets for a roasted beet salad.

Every time I’ve raised mustard greens, when it’s time to put them up, I wonder if it’s worth the effort.  A whole 5 gallon bucket of mustard greens, stems trimmed and rinsed 5 or 6 times to remove the grit, amounted to three packages of greens for the freezer.   I’ll put up more tomorrow, hopefully 6 or 8 packages and then do more on Sunday and hope for the best.  If we can get through those two nights, I should have at least two more weeks of growing season . . but it all depends on whether it really gets that cold on Monday and Tuesday night.

Mother Nature always calls the shots . . no matter what I do, my gardening is at the mercy of the weather.

Texas Can Be Brutal

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things that happen around here.  My thoughts always go back to the pioneer ladies.  Though life was never as easy for them as it is for most of us, I just can’t imagine what it must have been like to leave the comforts of home, as they knew it back then, and head west to face the dirt and dust and rattlesnakes and spiders and everything else that seems to inhabit our land.

Yesterday I was getting dressed in my nice red sweater that I had just pressed.  I felt a little prick on my shoulder and didn’t think much about it but as I was using the curling iron and moved my shoulder a certain direction, I got a good prick.  My first thought was . . there’s a scorpion in my sweater, though I knew I would be getting much more than a little prick if it was stinging me.  I looked and found this:

A big, fat, spikey cocklebur or spandspur!

How did that get inside my sweater?  No, I have not been rolling around in the yard!

Sometimes, you just have to laugh . . and find a way to be thankful it’s not worse.

On the Needles – December 7, 2012

There are two projects to show this week.  The first is the

The heel flap is partially done.  I can’t turn the heel without looking at the book.  Sunday night, I began looking for the book.  I had the book once and lost it and ordered another one.  Before mom and dad got here for Thanksgiving, I knew where both copies of the book were and on Sunday night, I couldn’t find either one.  I searched and searched, finally found one but never did turn the heel and by the time I thought I might get that far again, on Wednesday night, I had lost the book again!  I now know where it is and must get that heel turned before I lose the book!

This is a sock I had started at mom’s in April and had left there.  They brought it to me last week so I’ve been knitting on it since I can do that without a pattern or a book.

Maybe by next week’s report, I’ll at least have the green socks finished.

What’s on your needles?