On the Needles – December 7, 2012

There are two projects to show this week.  The first is the

The heel flap is partially done.  I can’t turn the heel without looking at the book.  Sunday night, I began looking for the book.  I had the book once and lost it and ordered another one.  Before mom and dad got here for Thanksgiving, I knew where both copies of the book were and on Sunday night, I couldn’t find either one.  I searched and searched, finally found one but never did turn the heel and by the time I thought I might get that far again, on Wednesday night, I had lost the book again!  I now know where it is and must get that heel turned before I lose the book!

This is a sock I had started at mom’s in April and had left there.  They brought it to me last week so I’ve been knitting on it since I can do that without a pattern or a book.

Maybe by next week’s report, I’ll at least have the green socks finished.

What’s on your needles?


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    I was so confused by the title of this post, I had to check to make sure it really was Friday, and not Monday. Apparently I set my calendar by your design wall Monday posts 🙂 I love the green socks. One day I’m going to try a heel flap rather than a short-row heel, and see if I like it.

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      OMG! I can’t believe I did that. Just when I was feeling so good that I remembered (busy day), and I did something like that. Thanks for letting me know.

      We have company from out of town, and a hard freeze expected for Sunday night so between trying to be a good hostess, finish a quilt and get greens picked, washed and canned before I loose them, my brain is obviously fried!

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    Marla says

    Hey did your Mom bring back your Kindle or did you just let her have it? Love your socks by the way!

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    I started a sock on Thanksgiving and can not put it down! Well, I have had to make myself only knit a row or 2 here and there and I am at the heel turn. So excited about how quickly this sock is coming together. Last pairs seemed to take forever! lol

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    Pat Hathaway says

    Usually I use a knitting loom to knit because I tend to drop regular needles. LOL But recently I received an email notice from Red Heart Yarn and they were showing their Rogoletto yarn knitted into ruffly scarves and I fell in love! Other ruffle yarns I have used have required two skeins to make a scarf and they didn’t specify on the video showing how to knit it with needles, so I got 2 skeins of 5 colors to make for Christmas gifts. As it turned out one skein was enough so now I have 10 scarves to give away! I just love the fabric the yarn makes–it is really lacy with little bits of soft wool fibers mixed in, some of the colors have sparkle fibers, some have tiny sequins–I just love it! The scarves knitted up really fast and I only dropped my needles a few times. Now I’m ready for any surprise female guests that may show up for Christmas. Men just get a bottle of wine; that’s a no-brainer.

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    Micki clemens says

    Your OK, I often have to really think about what day it is! LOL ! We are all getting older, it’s the better alternative. Micki