A Little Fabric Shopping Therapy

Friday morning I was in the sewing room sewing away .. doing just what I had planned to do all day.  Vince’s daughter is here visiting and they had gone to do some running around.  When they came back shortly before lunch, they had decided we were going to Santa Anna for lunch.  After lunch, they walked down to visit some shops and I ran into the quilt shop.  I had wanted to see if they had a green batik that would work for my Back to Square One Mystery Quilt.  I’ve had such will power this whole year when it came to buying fabric but something happened.  Maybe I ran out of will power!

The green on the right is the one from my stash.  It’s just a little too bright.  The one on the left is perfect!  Score 2 yards!

I want to make a quilt for Nicole’s mom.  Nicole said her favorite colors are cobalt blue and yellow.  This is a Moda Marble and it’s cobalt blue so I figured I should get it.

On the sale rack, I found three pieces of the Rawhide line in blue.  I need to make a quilt for a man . . a real Texan . . and I thought this would make a great quilt for him for next Christmas.

They had the exact same fabric in red with cowgirls on it so I thought I could make a quilt for his wife too!

It’s not like I was stashbuilding . . I have a plan for every piece of fabric I bought so that’s good.  It all still gets added to the Stash Report tomorrow but hopefully, soon it will all be in the “used” column.


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    Alberta in N GA says

    Great buy on the sale fabrics… never ever forget the sale bins… you can find some really awesome pieces.

  2. 3

    Erin says

    Great fabrics Judy! How does Vince’s daughter like Miss Hattie? Or Miss Hattie like her? Any jealousy on Miss Hattie’s part having another female around?
    Nicole and her family (you all too) are in my prayers.

  3. 4


    I can’t remember the last time I heard that you bought fabric! Sounds as if your list for 2013 is already getting long. I love everything you came home with and look forward to seeing you work your magic!

  4. 5


    You had become just a little too saintly; thank heavens you haved now sinned a little along with the rest of us. Buying fabric always gives me a mini high

  5. 6

    Crystal D-G in WA says

    I love that Rawhide line! I think I need to order some. Yay for buying with a plan and finding what you needed.

  6. 8


    Love your choices. Sometimes you just have to buy some. Since it all has a destination, I don’t think it counts. =)

  7. 9


    Oh wow – LOVE the “cowboy/cowgirl” fabrics! And that Moda cobalt marble is one of my favorite fabrics – it goes with EVERYTHING if you’re a cobalt-blue lover. What a wonderful therapy session for you. 😉

  8. 10

    JanetB says

    I have a plan for everything I buy, but I have so many “plans” in the closet now that I am starting to forget the plans I had for those fabrics that have ended up in the stash.