Quilt for Nicole’s Mom

This is the blue and yellow quilt I’m hoping to start this afternoon to send to Nicole’s mom.

It may be a little more scrappy than this but . . maybe not.  I’ll have to see how much light yellow and dark yellow fabrics I have.  Scrappy is so hard for me but I’m a bit short on some colors in the stash.

I have to tell you a funny story.  Chad was at work yesterday I think and he was talking to a lady.   She may have asked him a question and they got to talking.  That son of mine can strike up a conversation with anyone.  Wonder where he gets that!  I’m not real sure of all the details but I think she told him she lives in San Antonio and he told her that his mom had moved to Texas last year and she said “I know you!  Your mom has a quilting blog!”

Two things that struck me as funny!  (1)  The lady must have a very good memory because it seems like forever since my blog was mostly a “quilting blog” and (2)  Chad is growing up.  Not too many years ago, he would have called me complaining about mentioning him on the blog because he wanted no part of it.  Yesterday, I think he felt kinda special that a Texas lady in a Wal-Mart in MO had read my blog and recognized him.

Between the garden and the chickens and all the improvements we’re trying to make around here, there isn’t nearly as much quilt related blog posts but I promise I am still quilting.


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    Great quilt for her mom, and I have to say, I find it a little hard to believe you’re short on anything in your stash 😉 Hehehe

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      I probably didn’t say that right. It’s more that I don’t have a lot of big pieces so when a pattern calls for 4 yards . . I can’t always come up with one piece of fabric in the color I need.

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    Connie says

    You are so generous. Love all of your post…the chickens, the food [of course], the gardening and the quilting.

    Connie in Louisiana

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    Patty says

    That is awesome. I sure do miss the quilting content. But cant say I dislike the other stuff. Its all good.

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    And it’s all LIFE! An on-line journal of the meandering paths we are all on….each so different but sharing so much commonality! The future quilt will be so sunny and cheerful…..perfect~blessings…..

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    Lovely quilt; I’m sure Nicole’s Mom will treasure it.
    Great story @ Chad. I’m sure he is very proud of you.
    I love the balance of your topics… Chickens, Vince,creating the life you want, knitting, cooking, gardening, canning, running an efficient household, encouragment, helping with accountability & motivation…. Oh yeah, and quilting too! Thanks for letting us into your life. B

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    Carol says

    Pretty quilt. Your blog wouldn’t be what it is without all your stories.And we love them all. Thanks for sharing.

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    Karen says

    I love that quilt too and they are two of my favorite colors. It looks a bit too complicated for my skill level but I’m sure it’s going to be a great finish and appreciated by its recipients.

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    Nan says

    Thanks for all your “slice of life” blogging, Judy. I’m glad you and Vince are happy at Yellojacket Ranch, remote isn’t for everybody… some folks actually LIKE living right next door to their neighbors (can’t imagine that, and I hope it never happens… but you never know). Like Nicole’s Mom’s Quilt a lot. I think I like “controlled scrappy” better than anything else right now,keeping the palette simple and using lots of the same color, but slightly different fabrics in my quilts. I guess that is because my stash has very few pieces that are more than two yards each… I always seem to have plenty of the same colors, just not the same fabrics. That said, I wouldn’t take anything for my scrappy “Bears in the Farmhouse” from a few years ago!