A Busy Monday

Whew!  This day has been busy!  We left the house about 8:30 this morning headed to Abilene.  Who would have thought that seeing anything green would cause me to snap a photo?  Obviously there’s some major irrigation going on because I can’t remember the last time I saw this much green around here.  It’s been months and months since we had any rain and just seeing a green field was exciting.

My day started at 4 a.m. when I woke up and wanted to go to the sewing room.  I think my sewing mojo is back.  I told myself that if I looked at the clock and it was 15 minutes later, I would go sew.  The next time I saw the clock, it was 6:40 so I guess I went back to sleep.

This trip to Abilene has me re-thinking whether we really need a full size pickup.  Filling up the Highlander can happen pretty quickly and then it’s time to come home.  Filling up a pickup might have me shopping for hours and hours longer.  I did hear Vince say some very encouraging words today:  “I think I’m getting too old for these marathon shopping days!”  YES!  That’s what I want to hear . . not that we’re getting old (we are!) but that he’s no longer interested in shopping all day.

We ate at the Bonzai sushi place, then went to Sam’s Club, then to Extreme Exteriors because we’re still debating about buying the Big Green Egg, then to HEB . . then home!  Yay!  Home!  But we still didn’t get home til almost 5 p.m.

We had not been to Sam’s Club since the screw up with our membership cards so the first thing we did there was stand in line for 20 minutes at “Customer Service” to get that straightened out.  We ended up buying paper towels, toilet paper (don’t say a word . . it had a coupon!), olive oil, a big bag of Jasmine rice, some kind of flash lights Vince had been looking for . . I believe he has a new flash light fettish, some specialty cheeses that Vince likes and salmon for smoking.

From Sam’s, we went to Extreme Exteriors.  I want the Big Green Egg but I’m just not sure there aren’t some less expensive very similar items out there.  Vince is researching that now.  If the Egg was made in the U. S., we would probably get it but it isn’t and besides, I’m not sure it will fit in the Highlander and for now, that’s as big a vehicle as we have.  There are a couple of others that are less and they ship with free shipping so . . Vince is in charge of finding us a kamado grill.

HEB was our last stop.  We got a big ham . . we prefer slicing on those for sandwiches . . it costs so much less than deli meat, and I love having the bone for soup or beans.  We bought a rib roast which we thought about freezing and having for Christmas but decided we’d rather have it now before it’s been frozen.  We bought another piece of salmon to smoke so we can do a taste test to see if we like the one from Sam’s or the one from HEB better.  We bought lots of fruit.  Vince wanted to buy brussels sprouts because he thinks he doesn’t like them but wants to be sure.  Weird!  There was sure a lot more in our cart but that’s the important stuff I guess — all I can remember.

Tomorrow Vince goes back to work and I get to spend almost the entire day in the sewing room.  I’m so ready to spend all day sewing!

Design Wall Monday – December 10, 2012

I’m thankful for every opportunity but so many of those opportunities involve keeping what I’m working on under wraps and not being able to share and then it’s so exciting when I do finally get to share but . . yesterday I finished one of those “under wraps” projects enough that I was able to start on something that I can share.

I could hardly wait to get started on Nicole’s mom’s quilt.  One block is made.  Lots more to go but it feels good to be getting started on it.  Lately I’ve been burying my instruction sheets and having to keep printing more so I pinned them up on the design wall.  If I loose them, someone please remind me that they’re on the design wall. 🙂

What’s on your design wall?