Tuesday Morning

It feels good to be chomping at the bit to get into the sewing room.  I hadn’t felt that in a while.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s freezing outside and working in the garden isn’t an option, nor is sitting outside watching the chickens do their little chicken antics.

This is what greeted me on the design wall when I walked into the sewing room very early this morning.

Yesterday morning before we left home, I was able to get a second block done and when we got in last night, I was able to get another one done.

I’m surprised at how little cobalt blue fabric is in my stash.  Strange as it may sound, there’s very little blue in the stash and by the time you divide it into light blue, gray blue, purple blue, navy blue, cobalt blue and whatever other blues there may be, there’s just not much of any one shade of blue.  I spent a little time at Fat Quarter Shop and completely confused myself and gave up.  Just seeing all the fabrics with designs kinda sends my brain into a tailspin.  Some day I may learn to use fabrics other than tone on tone but today is not the day.

Twelve of these “Twelve Triangles” blocks are needed.  That’s a coincidence . . 12 “Twelve Triangles” blocks. Sure would be nice to end this day with all 12 of them made.  If nothing else, I am optimistic!  :)


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    Very nice!

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    Hey Judy…I was just over to http://whittlesfabrics.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi. They have lots of tone on tones for only $4 a yard. I thought of you immediately. Tone one tone…a great deal…that screams JUDY!!!

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    Really like the colors (shades)! I have no doubt you’ll have all twelve done by this evening. As for me, I need to make several different kinds of biscotti for gifts, and they HAVE to be done today!

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    Wait until tomorrow — that way you will have 12 blocks of 12 triangles completed on 12 -12 -12. And, if you could arrange it to finish the last seam at 12:12 PM you could extend the “streak” even further!!

    Of course, if Vince is coming home for lunch at 12 noon that might cause a little “glitch in yer giddyup”.

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    Diana in RR TX says:

    Wish i could say I was goibng to be sewing all day! we’re off to Salado-must go to Robertson’s to get a few goodies to mail East this week,, Think we’ll stop by the Sewing Basket and see if they have reopened yet-new owner. But first we have to make a stop at Lake Granger and see if the Whooping Cranes are back this year. 2 different families stayed at the lake last year. Out for dinner this evening and then we’ll take Dad through Round Rock’s Trail of Lights. Something new this year for RR and it’s close by. Hope you get lots accomplished!

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    What are you going to do with the renegate,outside the coop, chickens when the temps plummet?

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      That’s the price she pays for being a difficult chicken. She slept outside just like she always does and she’s fine. Roscoe slept in the top of a tree, like he always does, and he’s fine too. This was probably one of the coldest nights we’ll ever have here and the chickens all seem fine. It will be after it warms up before I can see what damage is done to the garden.

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    Kathy in OR says:

    They are beautiful
    I have the hardest tiem finding navy blue for my quilts. I do a lot of QOV’s and am always searching for the right shade of blue to go with the different reds.

  8. 13

    Judy, they look great

    but you were on my mind this afternoon, we stopped at a DQ in Giddings today. Went thru the drive thru and in the middle of 290 hiway in town, the DQ has a live red hen, huge she is, thick feet and she lives there. she stays at the glass door, gets the bugs and leftovers. I dont know where they coop her or her name but she is real big. Wow it was neat.