Progress on Margie’s Quilt

This afternoon I got all the setting triangles made.  Fourteen were needed and they were quite simple but I’m so ready to start on the chain blocks.  It was very tempting to stop when half were done and get to sewing on the chain blocks but from somewhere deep within, I found a little self-discipline and finished all the setting triangles.


There are more blocks than this . . there will be 20 chain blocks.  They will go in the six blank spots, as well as between the Twelve Triangles blocks and the setting triangles.  The quilt will finish at about 71″ x 85″.

I’m happy with my progress since I didn’t get to start sewing til well after lunch.  I think I can sew most of the day tomorrow but I think that most every day and it rarely happens.

Fresh Mozzarella

Those who guessed I was making cheese . . specifically mozzarella, were correct.

There’s no plan yet for the whey but I’ll pour it into jars and freeze it and use it for pancakes or bread, or . . the chickens love it!  I’m so happy to have a source for raw milk again.  Vince promises he’s going to clean my cheese press but I think he’s been promising that for several years.  It isn’t like he sits around with nothing to do so I’m not complaining.

In addition to making cheese this morning, I made Lemon Ricotta Cookies.  OK . . so Giada’s are nice and perfectly round and mine kinda haphazardly landed on the cookie sheet . . mine are still delicious!

The sourdough has been divided and fed.  I want to have plenty of starter so that when the grill arrives, I can practice making bread in it.

Just to prove that I’m not always so great in the kitchen, I kinda scorched Vince’s grilled cheese sandwich!  🙁

I wish all my problems were so easily solved . . just flip the not so dark side on top so the scorched side doesn’t show.  If you can’t see it, it’s not a problem! 🙂

Heck . . even the good side is a little blemished.   Looks like a little bit of mozzarella got stuck to the bread and there’s some melted mozzarella on the outside of the bread.  That’s ok . . it was still a good sandwich according to Vince!

Busy Morning in the Kitchen

Vince took off work this afternoon to work on getting the gate painted.  I totally forgot that he was taking off . . not that it matters except that when he’s home, I don’t always get as much done as when he’s not home.  Had I remembered he was taking off, I would probably have spent the morning in the sewing room but . . I didn’t.

Anyone know what this is?

You’ll be a real good guesser if you guess right.  Maybe this picture will help a little.

Now I’m headed to the sewing room . . we’ll see how long I can stay over there before Vince distracts me!  🙂