Gate Progress

Not much looks better than seeing my man working!

Vince Priming the Gate

Yesterday Vince was out working on getting the gate and entrance pipe primed.  I had been to visit the neighbor and stopped to talk to him.

Looking South

I love that most any direction I look, as far as I can see, I don’t see another house!

Vince sanded all the pipe down, then coated it or rubbed it or did something with it with Ospho, then primed it and then will paint it with Sherwin Williams industrial enamel.  Once the gate and entrance are finished, he has to sand all the pipe fence around the house, then treat it with Ospho, then prime it and then paint it.  The fencing here may not have had good prep done before painting because the pipe shouldn’t be rusting after five years.  We’re making progress!

Primed and Ready to be Painted

The rust color is the primer.  The real color is going to be a dark forest green.  Some day we’ll get some gate decorations — maybe a yellow jacket or, Vince said he would like to find some old iron eagles to put on the two fence posts at the ends of the gate.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this project so close to completion.  It took a long time to get the driveway done, the entrance and gate built, and the opener installed.  We ended up losing “friends”, who I guess may not have been friends anyway, over this project but . . life goes on.

Can you see that concrete foundation just past the gate?  That’s left from when our property was part of Camp Bowie, which was a pretty big base during World War II.  There’s still activity at Camp Bowie, mostly National Guard maneuvers, but it’s kinda neat living here and knowing this was once a part of such a big base.

Vince Chasing Me Away


Here he comes!  He’s telling me to leave . . get . . he has work to do and I’m causing him to lose daylight. Fine . . I left.

Look at that gorgeous Texas blue sky!  This was yesterday.  Today, so far, there is no blue sky.  We’ve had rain . . that glorious  life sustaining liquid that falls from the sky, albeit rarely!  The last time we had a drop of rain was September 29.  You can bet there are lots of folks in this area who are thankful for whatever amount of rain we get today.



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    We haven’t had much more then sprinkles since about that time either. There’s a CHANCE of rain or snow tonight or tomorrow. I don’t think there would be too much complaining if it turned out to be about two feet of really wet snow. ANY moisture would be most welcome.

    Nice gate!

  2. 2

    Sherrill says

    That Vince is such a hard-working just like my hubby was. I sure miss him. I can’t imagine what the heck your ‘friends’ got in such a snit about. It’s not like you’re neglecting your property!!

  3. 3


    Yay for gate progress! Yellow jackets or eagles either one would be fun!! I really like the idea of eagles … probably because of my military background! 🙂

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    We had drops. We only had 13″ since Jan. We fear this is looking like the dust bowl of the 50’s. I was a toddler then, but my brother remembers and he is very concerned. We are buying 2 more 3000 gal. water cisterns. Hopefully if we are blessed this spring with rain, we’ll be ready. No rain=no garden. We grow all our food so I’m very nervous for rain. The drought is nation-wide. Rain would be my Christmas present of choice. Love your gate. I’m thankful for solar gates.

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    Vince looks like he’s lost some weight since you’ve been down there in TX!

    This ongoing drought is a scary thing. Novemeber is usually pretty wet… not so much this year. We’ve lost so many trees on our place here in Arkansas, I fear for the rest of the orchard next year.

    I think rain for Christmas is a wonderful wish!

    Your gate is wonderful. Nothing beats pipe fencing!

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    That gate looks fabulous. I think a yellow jacket would be very whimsical but eagles are good, too. Sorry you lost friends over it but I would think with a driveway that long a gate would be appropriate.