On The Needles – December 14, 2012

There’s still a struggle in my mind going on about using DPNs to make one sock at a time or using two circular needles to make both socks at once.  It’s so nice to have both socks finished at the same time, and they’re both exactly the same.  But, it’s relaxing for me to use DPNs and not have to deal with two balls of yarn at once.  Even putting them in separate bags, there’s still some amount of twisting and paying attention that has to be done.  To me, using the DPNs is just mindless and keeps my hands busy with no effort at all.

This week, I’ve worked on the salmon colored socks on the DPNs.  I will get back to the green socks on the two circular needles.


I probably say this on every sock post but I love this yarn.  It’s Djinni Sock by Dragonfly Fibers.  The color is Peach Melba which is not currently in stock at The Loopy Ewe, but that’s where I got this.  The yarn is 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon.  It’s a very tightly twisted yarn and not fuzzy at all.

What’s on your needles?


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    Carolyn says

    What’s on my needles are the same 2 projects I’ve NOT been working on for months! OMG one pair of socks is finished except for the Close off at the toe, I just need to SIT down and DO IT!!!!

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    Some people do both socks on DPNs at the same time- so they knit on 2 sets of needles, and do a bit on each sock as they go along. At least this way when the first sock is finished, the second is not far behind.

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      Yes, this is exactly how I knit them… Cuff, cuff; heel, heel; gusset, gusset.. Etc to toe, toe unless I am on a plane, then magic loop. Dropped a needle once on a plane… Retrieval was not graceful!

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    Erin says

    Very pretty Judy! When it says super wash what does that mean can we use the washing machine? I am so new to yarn knowledge!

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    Roberta says

    When I was knitting from hand spun yarns I did both socks at once on DPN so that if I ran out of yarn I could finish up with another color at the same spot on both socks. If I had only one ball of yarn I knitted from the inside and outside of the ball at once. Kept life interesting. 😉

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    Wendy Johnson says

    I knit 10 rows on each sock keeping them in separate bags. I used to knit one sock at a time but wouldn’t finish the pair. This way my DNP are filled and I don’t start another sock before they’re done.
    Wendy in WNY

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    Laceflower says

    I came here to say the same as everyone else; use your DPN and do the two socks at once on their own DPN.

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    Christmas present knitting is what’s on my needles. No blog posts about that, nor pictures on the blog, until after the event!

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    I love the look of that yarn too. Thanks for hosting this every week it keeps me motivated and I have knit 4 1/2 pairs of socks in 4 months maybe next year I will do 12 in 12
    Merry Christmas

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    You do motivate me to keep at my sock knitting – plus now my son wants to go back to hand-knit socks so I guess I will have my own cheering committee here at home! I am going to take the advice given to you and start working 2 socks at the same time – on 2 different sets of DPN’s. I like DPN’s! I am frustrated with my last 2 socks – from now on I think I will stick with my “tried and true” methods! But then again – you don’t find something you might like better unless you try!

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    I just did two sleeves at a time but sure got tired of untangling the yarn. One of my 2013 projects is to try socks again on two circs…..we’ll see. I’m a pretty big fan of dpns. Using a double set avoids the SSS problem, but I usually do just one at a time…….