Gift Projects

Ten days from today is Christmas Day.  How’s everyone doing with handmade gifts?  Are you like me and saying you’ll get an early start next year, or you’ll make at least one gift per month?  I say that every year about this time.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe posted these mittens on her blog and she says she made them in an afternoon.  I ordered some Malabrigo Rasta yesterday and figured the yarn should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday so if I can get two pairs of mittens made, that’s two gifts I desperately need.  I’ve never made mittens so we’ll see if they get done.

Good luck getting all your gifts finished in time.


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    Four days to go,
    Three labels making,
    Two sides to bind,
    and a Grand mailing on Tuesday!

    (aka, three quilts for gifts this year, and they’re _almost_ done!)

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    Ava says

    I’m still hoping to get way more done than I probably will. I’m hoping to make these fingerless mitts for two granddaughters. I hope to make (crochet) a couple more ruffle scarves which go really fast. Seems like there’s something else that’s really pressing, but now I’m not sure what it was. So maybe I don’t have as much to get done as I thought.

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    You do like a challenge Judy. Inspire us some more in the New Year. And have a very Merry Christmas! We will be in Dallas for a few mad days at Christmas and thank God, we can come home to the prairie.

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    Mittens are so much fun to do. You will have no problem and that yarn is awesome!!!!! Am quilting 4 small table quilts tomorrow (and I mean small….for several gals who have tables that are very small). The finish (yesterday) of g. grand’s projects was the last “biggy”. All other gifts…done. Can’t say that for our annual letter, though. Maybe a “New Year’s” letter?????

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    Joanna says

    Happy Birthday to Chad!
    And congrats to you, Mom, and Vince, for raising him to be the fine young man that I feel I know!

    Let’s all embrace our dear kids and loved ones today and every day. And keep those poor families in Newtown, CT, in our thoughts.


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    Oh NO. I’ve resisted tying to knit mumble-mumble-years; now I think I’m gonna have to learn. I MUST have those ruffled fingerless gloves!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I just finished all my teacher gifts. I made quilted wine glass coasters for all the teachers – each gets a set of 2. I made 14 sets, gave 2 pair last night at the office party and have a set for the marching band director and assistant director and 7 sets for teachers. Now to work on the family ones.

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    Yesterday night, delivered 6 lap quilts to grandchildren & step grandchildren. Two more aee completed, one needs some finishing, one is cut ‘ ready tosew. I think I’ll get it done without trouble… Now tho, not so sure that i’ll get the tree skirt completed!?! Hope your needles fly!

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    I have decided to set aside a day or two each month to get holiday handmades done for Christmas 2013! I’m so disappointed that I did not get what I wanted to get done this year. Oh well….
    Good luck on the mittens!

  10. 13


    I was a slackard this year. I made 3 Doodle book covers for my MIL, future DIL, and my niece. Although I did find homes for 2 more quilts, but they weren’t Christmas gifts.

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    I can not believe Christmas is upon us! I try to have all my shopping/gifts done by Thanksgiving for the most part, but because of air travel luggage restrictions I always have to go shopping just 1 more time before Christmas. I did make some gifts this year, but it would be better if I could settle down to a schedule and make more! Maybe you should host a Christmas report every month on the 24th or 25th to keep us all motivated Judy! You do such a great job keeping us all organized!!! Cheers! Evelyn