Is This Wrong?

Stovetop with Prime Rib

We bought a prime rib for Christmas dinner but decided we’d rather cook it before it was frozen so I believe this is the third or fourth meal we’ve had of prime rib and something.  On weekends we have a late breakfast and then in the middle of the afternoon, we have “brunch”.  I actually like Stove Top every now and then so when it was time to fix our meal, I asked Vince if he wanted prime rib again.  He said yes.  I said “Stove Top or potatoes?” and he wanted Stove Top.

As I sat down to eat, I thought the prime rib might be insulted by being served with Stove Top but then I figured . . really!  If we like it, I shouldn’t feel bad about serving it every now and then.  I don’t feel bad . . not one bit!  🙂  And, it was yummy . . prime rib, Stove Top, a green salad and rolls.  We have one more meal left off the prime rib and then it will be history and I doubt I will buy another one til next Christmas.


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    Yum! Prime Rib is hubby’s birthday supper – he’s a New Year’s Eve baby. I think you can serve it with anything you like – we like ours with twice baked potatoes.

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    If you like Stovetop then you might as well enjoy it! Now had you smothered the prime rib in grape jelly… I think it might have been insulted 🙂

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    lynne quinsland says

    stove top is great! nice and quick and easy! and, it DOES taste good. mmmmmm prime rib! i would LOVE to have a nice thick cut, rare. i would love it served with some stove top. no horseradish for me though please. i would be honored to be your guest!

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    Margery Allcock says

    Nice piece of beef there – and is that horseradish sauce (yum)? But what’s stove top, and why would it be wrong?

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    Awesome! I had no idea what Stove Top was, so googled it … I doubt we can get it in Australia but it looks like something I would really like 🙂

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    I say, GO for it! I don’t usually get Stove Top but I’d not gotten my fill of stuffing at Thanksgiving, so I bought some last week — we had it with roasted chicken breasts. It was good. Tell the prime rib, if it has any complaints, that at this point it’s leftovers and it needs to suck it up! LOL! Funny — I was just talking to the girls about having prime rib for Christmas Eve. 🙂

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    Carol Reed says

    Yumm! I like stove top too. I had not thought of serving it with prime rib, but if that’s what you like, go for it. My brother is fixing Paul Prudhomme’s “blackened prime rib” for Chistmas dinner. We got the recipe from a video he did for PBS many years ago, but here is the basic recipe - Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Guests will all bring a covered dish.

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    Teri Jordan says

    Love stove top…bummer….we are having Cornish Game Hens for dinner tonight and stove top would be really good with the Game Hens……

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    Hey, it’s your dinner, have what you like! I always have some Stove Top in the cupboard, I like it instead of potatoes or rice sometimes. It is quick, easy and tastes pretty good. Enjoy!

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    Marie Mann says

    What is ‘Stove Top’ please, Googled it only to find cook tops or recipes for making whole meals on a stove top as in casserole or stew type meals.
    It looks as though it may be a breadcrumb, onion, herb mix like “seasoned stuffing” but maybe not.
    That prime rib lookes delicious, but am I right in thinking it is a very expensive cut of meat hence only buying it once a year?
    Do enjoy your blog, your quilts , your recipes and your stories.
    Hope you and your families enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year, hopefully, the best ever.

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    Looks very good to me. Wish I could eat Stove Top, as I used to love it. Thank goodness Prime Rib is still on my menu! I think it will be ham for Christmas here — it’s a German tradition, and that of most of my lineage.

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    All together now, “If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right ….” Seriously, is there ever a “wrong” time for prime rib? And a “wrong” side dish? Seriously. The only thing missing from your plate is fresh-grated horseradish IMHO … 😉

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    Joan in NE says

    Hey, if you like Stove Top, fix it. You can always doctor it up to fit your personal tastes. I just like it. ha.

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    VickiT says

    Ummmmmmm is there EVER a wrong time to eat Prime Rib? Nope. I don’t think so. LOL Stove Top sounds good to me too. I say if it’s good and you like it then it’s always right.

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    Kathleen says

    Have you ever tried substituting orange juice for the water when making Stove Top? We really like it that way. Doesn’t replace the goodness of homemade but is a good alternative.

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    Peggy says

    My husband and I love “Prime” Rib and actually have it at least 4 or 5 times every year. We try to buy a whole rib loin and then either I cut it into steaks and a roast or two or have the butcher cut it for us. The initial investment seems high at the time of purchase, but we only buy when we can get it on sale. Then when we break it down into many meals, some shared with friends, it breaks down to not being much more then any other meal. It for sure is much less then eating it in a restaurant and I think ours tastes better.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    We love prime rib. Many years ago we had the homeless dinner for Christmas Eve. None of us had family nearby so every other year we had a wonderful prime rib dinner. Usually a 4 course dinner We would eat by 5 pm so we could go to church following dinner. What wonderful memories we all have of those meals but now our kids are spread all over the country and the other adults have moved. But, this year…is going to be tricky. We are going out of town the 21-23…I will thaw our second turkey so I can brine it on the 23rd when we get home to take to San Diego. I am also cooking a ham. Making the dressing. I use Stove Top for a roasted chicken but they all want my stuffing/dressing so I have to make that and it is delicious. I am also making cranberries (with orange juice, orange zest and Grand Manier. Also a pesto type thing with parsley, tomato paste . Garlic, anchovies, a touch of grated parmesan, capers, breadcrumb and capers. We have to be on the road on the 24th by 8 am as Todd wants to put the turkey on the smoker by noon. But, I will get it all done.

    Stove top is tasty but my recipe is what they all want for the holiday dinners.

    Need to get back to the 49er game. Go Niners!

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    Kay in NJ says

    So you’ve enjoyed 5 days of Christmas in style. That looks like a good cut of beef. And, I see nothing wrong with Stove Top or anything else that is a favorite. Horseradish on the side is a must for us. The only time I use horseradish is beef steak and in deviled eggs.

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    I also am wondering what StoveTop is? And Prime rib, is that the same as what we call Rump steak? Looks good anyway and you can eat whatever you like with whatever you like, who says there are rules??

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    Katie says

    Sounds like a lovely meal to me! The great thing about Stove Stop is that it is not only easy-but it cooks up just enough for a few servings. Make my Prime Rib med. rare with creamy horse radish and anything else someone else would cook for me.