More “Roscoe” Babies Ordered

They will never take the place of Roscoe but we’re going to order some Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams, which is what Roscoe was.  They will be delivered in the spring.  We will have to order straight run and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will not all be roosters!  I’m hoping that we can leave these out during the day and they’ll go into the coop at night but my guess is they’ll also go up into the trees at night.  I think if we had worked a little harder at luring Roscoe into the run in the evening . . maybe by giving him treats, he would have slept in the coop.  We will not let any of them sleep in the trees again if we can help it.

He had the best disposition so I’m hoping that’s a trait they all carry.  His legs were short, which is also a characteristic of this breed so when he walked fast, it looked like he was skating . . he was such a smooth strutter!  🙂

I keep feeling like we could have done more to try to get him to sleep in the coop instead of in the tree but he was determined and it was either keep him cooped up all the time or let him roost in the trees.

Miss Hattie hasn’t seemed too distraught today.  She wouldn’t say the same for me! 🙁  I’m even going to let Sally sleep inside tonight because I know the bad critter will be back for seconds and he’s not going to get another one of my chickens.

Speaking of losing chickens, did I tell  you that the yellow baby died?  I wasn’t terribly upset by that because it just died  . . it wasn’t like I felt like it was my fault.  Week before last, the yellow baby was acting puny and that night she died.  I need to get another picture of the three little guys.  They’re growing and are so cute.  The moms have finally started laying again.

Garden Damage

Have you ever wondered how low the temps have to go before winter veggies are damaged?  I had never thought much about it because in southwest Louisiana, it never got too cold and in Kentucky and Missouri, it was too cold to have a winter garden.  As hot as it gets here, I just never thought much about damaging cold before January or even February but . . I had to dig my head out of the sand and face reality last week.

Our low weekend before this past one was 16º one night and 19º the next night.  I expected to lose all the lettuce and mustard greens but though the beets and broccoli would be fine.  I was wrong!  One of the problems is that we had not had low temps so there had been no conditioning cold.  It went from fairly warm to darned cold.

Freeze Damaged Broccoli

More than half the broccoli is gone.  Had I simply put 5 gallon plastic buckets over the plants, I could probably have saved them.  The kale, which was supposed to be ok, was damaged.  I lost about half of it.  The carrots loved the cold.  The lettuce is fine.  The mustard greens and chard have some freeze damage on the leaves but they’ll be fine.  The beets suffered quite a bit of damage to the greens but I believe the beets themselves will be ok.

From what I’ve heard, having those low temps in December is unusual but pretty common in January and February.  I’m sorry to have lost so much of the broccoli but am very happy to still have so many plants that are doing ok.

Grandbaby Pictures

How about some happy news?  I’m still sad about Roscoe but it makes me smile to see this precious face!

I know I say this every time I post pictures but sometimes she reminds me so much of Chad’s baby pictures and other times, she reminds me totally of the pictures I’ve see of Nicole as a baby.  Either way, I think she’s the most adorable baby ever!  🙂

And, what is that I see on top of her head?  Maybe the beginnings of hair?  Chad was well past 10 months old before he had a single hair on his head.

I cannot wait to see her again.  Vince and I had a discussion today about when I’ll see her.  He thinks once a year is plenty and I’m kinda thinking once a month would be a stretch for me but I’ll wait til January since I was there in October and try to stick to my three month plan . . though it isn’t easy!