Design Wall – December 17, 2012

Yesterday I finished up a big project and was able to get back to Nicole’s mom’s quilt.  I got two of the chain blocks done.  Today I hope will be a big sewing day.

Nicole’s Mom’s Quilt with two chain blocks done.

What’s on your design wall?



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      The link box and the new wordpress do not seem to be getting along. It’s there and then the next time I look, it isn’t there. It seems to be there now.

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    WOW! those center fill blocks really add a new demincioun to your quilt. The blue and yellow are one of my favorie combinations. You ar e so creative. You must have millions of designs in your head. I really enjoy your site.

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    Jo says

    Thats a stunning quilt! Are you using a pattern? Nicole’s mom will adore it! So sorry about Roscoe. A bird, i think an owl, got one of my guineas a few years ago. We do the best we can to protect our little buddies, but sometimes things happen. How is Miss Hattie?