Grandbaby Pictures

How about some happy news?  I’m still sad about Roscoe but it makes me smile to see this precious face!

I know I say this every time I post pictures but sometimes she reminds me so much of Chad’s baby pictures and other times, she reminds me totally of the pictures I’ve see of Nicole as a baby.  Either way, I think she’s the most adorable baby ever!  🙂

And, what is that I see on top of her head?  Maybe the beginnings of hair?  Chad was well past 10 months old before he had a single hair on his head.

I cannot wait to see her again.  Vince and I had a discussion today about when I’ll see her.  He thinks once a year is plenty and I’m kinda thinking once a month would be a stretch for me but I’ll wait til January since I was there in October and try to stick to my three month plan . . though it isn’t easy!


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    sandy says

    Once a year !!!!! Vince I need to talk to you and I imagine other Grandmothers want to speak to you too. We have 1 GC that is 4hrs away … we go once a month to visit her. 3 months I know I would not last. All our other GC live local.

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    your right she is precious 🙂 I laugh about how often you need to see her….my husband says the same thing, “didn’t you just go down there, isn’t once a year enough???” No it is not enough!!! I am in a pickle though, my DIL is mad at me…so I am forbidden to stay at the house. I stayed at a very resonable hotel last time I went down. I may stay in a Peterbilt if I get to go down before christmas. I was not the offending party in all this hate, but I apoligized and even sent a beautiful quilt. The quilt is buried in the back of the linen cabinet and I am still banned. Her Mom and dad live with them and that is the root of the problem. They get jealous when I came down and did some mean stuff. Anyway…go down often, because they grow up soooo fast. Spend as much time as you can with her 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    shirley bruner says

    Vince, vince, vince…once a year? really? you are so wrong for that. i believe you should go as often as possible. i, too, was banned from grandbaby visits when they were little…they are now teens and early 20s and i have no idea what is going on in their lives. they don’t know me. i think once every 3 months is very reasonable. Vince better chill!

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    Once a year?!? Is the man crazy? At that rate she’ll never even remember her Grandma from visit to visit. You’re being very reasonable planning to go visit every three months. Every other month would be even better. They grow up so fast.

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    Vince HAS to be kidding with the once a year thing! Why, babies this young change nearly every day. I’m thinking you are pretty darn strong to wait until January. Good thing lots of photos are flying your way 🙂

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    Well, I think Vince will get the message that he is way out-numbered! LOl! It is hard to be so far away….especially on those “special” days–like Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, 4th of July, etc, birthdays, and Mondays-Sundays!!!!!!

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    Pam says

    Vince needs to get a gripe!
    After this pastbFriday, get as many hugs as you can.
    One thing that we know is that we never know.
    Hugs to you.
    Might be fewer baby chicks without Roscoe. He had an adventurous life. He lived life to the fulless.

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    Terri Schanz says

    I think you need to take Vince with you to visit. Once he holds that adorable baby, three months won’t be soon enough to see her again!!

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    Oh that Vince! Positively a little grinchy! I’m sure he is teasing you! She is adorable, Judy. I’m sure you’ will figure out a good workable schedule for visiting.

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    Nolene says

    I bet when she is up moving and calls him “Papa” for the first time, it will all change. I am sure the quarterly visits won’t be enough because a little princess will have “Papa” wrapped around her little finger.

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    Anne Simonot says

    I’m with everyone else! Once a year does not cut it! My parents lived four hrs away when my kids were growing up; that was far enough but we both went back & forth as frequently as we could. Which, in retrospect, I should have done even more often than I did!

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    Marilyn Smith says

    She is such a beautiful baby! And Vince, shame on you. Ours are 2 hours away. We had Tyler a lot when he was a baby. He is now 16. Once he was in school and became involved in soccer and little league they could not come as often. He also had his great grandparents living here in the desert so we saw him regularly. We often drove down for sporting events and road trips to sporting events. Once Kaitlin came along they began going and doing as a family and we rarely had her. We are always together for holidays (and her parents and siblings as well) – we have lots of fun with them all. Kaitlin is now playing soccer and is very good. We see them as often as we can but it does get more difficult the older they get due to their activities and school. Spend as much time as you can with them when they are young. Can you fly every 6-8 weeks for a long weekend visit? I know it is a long drive for you. You go girl!

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    Jevne says

    She is adorable and is getting so big! I’m sure that Vince hears us shouting, he just doesn’t understand. I agree that three months is a long time, they change so fast.

  14. 20


    Oh Judy, how can you miss her first Christmas? Tell them to bring her to see you or make Vince take a road trip over the Christmas break. Surely he has some vacation time. I have to say once a year is NEVER good enough. Sorry about Roscoe.

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    Bonnie Litts says

    Vince has to be crazy. He needs to actually hold her just once. He’ll change his tune. She’s adorable. Visit often!

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    Cheryl says

    I would never even last 1 month let alone 3!!! A year would be forgivable !! Your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy her as often as you can-they grow up sooooo quickly! I am so fortunate to have my granddaughter living nearby and lucky enough to see her everyday!!!

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    Linda says

    Your granddaughter is so beautiful! I love her big blue eyes. It’s going to be lots of fun when she is big enough to come and visit you on the farm.
    I’m sorry about Roscoe. He was a special little fellow and I enjoyed hearing of his escapades. I hope your new chicks will be as special as Roscoe!

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    Mary says

    Keith and I just had this discussion. He says 2-3 times a year and I say 3-4 as a minimum. I can count on seeing Rae more often because Cheis and Becky are willing to travel. I’ll see Rae next weekend but it will be march before we get back to GA and see Caleb again.

  19. 26


    look at those blue eyes…..she is a cutie! Vince had to be kidding when he thinks once a year is enough. Ask him if shopping once a year would be enough for him, lol. No? Not enough Vince? Don’t mess with Grandma. It is our right to spoil those precious kiddos.

  20. 27


    I don’t Skype but my sister and BIL do with their grandchildren from the time they are tiny. Maybe that would help you see her more between the every 3 month visits.