More “Roscoe” Babies Ordered

They will never take the place of Roscoe but we’re going to order some Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams, which is what Roscoe was.  They will be delivered in the spring.  We will have to order straight run and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will not all be roosters!  I’m hoping that we can leave these out during the day and they’ll go into the coop at night but my guess is they’ll also go up into the trees at night.  I think if we had worked a little harder at luring Roscoe into the run in the evening . . maybe by giving him treats, he would have slept in the coop.  We will not let any of them sleep in the trees again if we can help it.

He had the best disposition so I’m hoping that’s a trait they all carry.  His legs were short, which is also a characteristic of this breed so when he walked fast, it looked like he was skating . . he was such a smooth strutter!  🙂

I keep feeling like we could have done more to try to get him to sleep in the coop instead of in the tree but he was determined and it was either keep him cooped up all the time or let him roost in the trees.

Miss Hattie hasn’t seemed too distraught today.  She wouldn’t say the same for me! 🙁  I’m even going to let Sally sleep inside tonight because I know the bad critter will be back for seconds and he’s not going to get another one of my chickens.

Speaking of losing chickens, did I tell  you that the yellow baby died?  I wasn’t terribly upset by that because it just died  . . it wasn’t like I felt like it was my fault.  Week before last, the yellow baby was acting puny and that night she died.  I need to get another picture of the three little guys.  They’re growing and are so cute.  The moms have finally started laying again.


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    Erin says

    Well that will be nice to have new arrivals in the spring! Spring is a time of new beginnings! Nature can be so hard on us. I hope Sally goes inside for you. Roscoe was wonderful, he will be missed …

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      Oh, yes! It was way too quiet here this morning. I’m used to hearing Roscoe about an hour before I’m ready to wake up. He will be missed.

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    Helen Keonig1 says

    Next time – clip ONE wing (not two – you want the rooster to be a bit off balance!) and according to farm lore, he won’t fly! At least mine didn’t! (with exception of the ones that – ooops – I cut the feathers on BOTH wings! oops!)

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      We debated about clipping the wing but that also means he could not have flown and escaped trouble on the ground. It’s hard to know what to do.

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    Love chickens. Love to hear your stories of the Chickens. Sorry about Roscoe. We lost a bunch of chickens once. A friend from the city left their dog with us. Damn city dog. You are lucky to have a grandbaby to distract you – even if long distance.

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      Yes, he would have been miserable in the run all day and in the coop at night but . . he would still be alive. It’s had to know what’s right.

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    Oh Judy, please don’t feel guilty. I know you are sad about Roscoe but you gave him a better life than Sunday night’s dinner……New babies in the spring will be fun. I wish we could have chickens. That would be such fun but I lice in the city and have no real yard to speak of, just enough to have our small garden. Be well, my friend.

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    Nancy Angerer says

    Oh no. Did something get Roscoe? Please don’t beat yourself up over it, but he will be missed. I have so enjoyed reading about him and Miss Hattie. We were hacked into today, and the culprit stole everything in our address book and in our inbox. We have spent hours and hours dealing with it this afternoon and evening. This news is almost too much to deal with today. That’s not your fault either, so keep writing about your home, critters, and family..

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      Yes, I felt terrible grieving over a chicken . . especially after what the families in Newtown, CT are going through but I figured Roscoe couldn’t just disappear from the blog with no explanation. I certainly don’t put his loss in the same category as the victims of last week’s crime but I was a bit sad yesterday.

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    HelenP says

    Judy, so sorry about Roscoe. Nature can be so cruel.. My friend let her little poodle out to potty the other night and did not go out with her but when she realized she had not come back to the door,, it was too late. something got her also. They have not found any sign of her and it has been a week now.. I worry about my little ones also as we live in the country and I have a doggie door for them to go in and out. For the new ones, clip those wings., my mom used to clip both of her chickens wings so they didn’t get out unless she let them out.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and that beautiful baby.

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      You’re right about the sometimes cruel events of nature. Last night I was a bit teary still and Vince said “that’s life on the farm” and I thought . . how true. It’s a different lifestyle and the more animals we have, the more we experience the cycle of life, which is not always easy.

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    I am so very sorry for your loss. I am looking forward to spring for you and your sweet chickens. Merry Christmas to the family and your yard family!

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    Baby Roscoe’s will give you something to look forward to in the Spring! We all will enjoy reading your future posts about them too! I know someone who always put her little dog out on a line at night to go out because the dog was always fussing to go out. It would only be out for 15-20 minutes at a time though. One night a coyotee got it – just outside her door. Tears were shed to be sure! But the dog was so unhappy if it was inside. Roscoe loved the trees, that is just the way it is. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Patricia says

    While Roscoe might still be here if you had been able to put him in at night, he probably would not have been the same Roscoe you grew to love, part of his attraction must have been his ‘Free Spirit’

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    Rosalie says

    Judy, if you end up with extra bantam roosters from that new batch let me know as I have a friend who is in her late 80s who wants a bantam rooster.