Camera Woes

I have to tell you the sad tale of my camera.  I have a couple of nice Nikon cameras but I rarely use them because I’m such an irresponsible photographer.  Vince buys last year’s models of the little pocket type point and shoot cameras online and he gets them for little to nothing, which is a good thing because I go through 3 or 4 or more cameras per year.  In July, we both got new cameras.  I doubt he’s ever used his and I take probably 50 or more pictures most every day.  My camera is always with me.  What’s worse . . buying a camera and never using it or ruining a camera a couple of times a year?

Tonight as I was leaving the sewing room, I had two boxes — a box with Ila’s quilt and a box with a gift for Nicole’s grandparents; I had my iPod, I had the RTV keys, I had a Dr. Pepper and I had my camera.  I only have two hands you know!  The Dr. Pepper was in my hand, the iPod was in my other hand, the boxes were cradled in my arms with the camera, iPod and keys on top of the boxes. The camera slid off . . on the tile floor and . . it works no more.

I told Vince I had ruined another camera.  He did his obligatory grumbling, and said he would give me his since he never uses it.  I think he buys two just because he knows how quickly I go through them.  But, he was busy so I grabbed an older camera that somehow I had not ruined . . it must have been one of Vince’s rejects because I can’t remember ever having a camera that still works when I get done with it.  I took a bunch of pictures . . the chickens, the grill getting delivered, the grill getting put together, the cows, the sunset, and Sally’s new sleeping quarters . . only to find that none of the computers read the old Sony memory sticks and I cannot find an adapter. It’s been years since I used an adapter so . . lots of photos will never be seen.

Now I just had to tell him that I’ve ruined two memory cards this week because they were in my pocket when I washed my jeans.  It’s a darned good think I can cook and sew and apparently do a few other things that interest him! 🙂

Someday if you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know that Vince has taken all my electronics away.

Old Blog Posts

Yesterday, I guess since I was feeling teary, it made me nostalgic and I sat and went through some old blog posts.  Hey . . if I’m going to cry, I might as well just turn on the spigot and cry a river of tears!

This is one of my very favorite blog posts and I can hardly believe this happened almost 8 years ago.

Chad graduated from high school in 2006.  These were his grades near the end of the first semester of his senior year.  Seeing this post was funny . . now, but it wasn’t so funny when it was happening.

This one is funny because I remember my exact feelings.

This was at our little house in town.  Don’t even ask me how we ended up with a house in the country and a little house in town but Chad was in high school and it was just too far back and forth to the house in the country so we bought the other house and had planned to sell it when Chad finished high school but that’s when we moved to Missouri and ended up selling both houses.

We had just had a new roof put on the little house in town, along with a new ridge vent.  We had a storm and the ridge vent on one end blew completely off the roof and water poured in . . on my ceiling and was dripping onto the kitchen floor.  As soon as the storm passed, I talked Chad into climbing up on the roof and trying to secure the ridge vent.  Chad was not happy about being up there but at least he tried.

That was one of Vince’s “bargain shopping for a roofer” experiences.  The guy who put the new roof on had only put two nails, instead of a bunch of screws, on that ridge vent and we finally got a different roofer to come out and fix it and it ended up that we had to replace the roof on the other house too before we sold it.

Vince said he was never replacing a roof again and he might have been right.  The house in Missouri will need a roof in a few years and Vince was determined to move before time for the roof and we have metal roofs here that should last longer than we do!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down Memory Lane!  🙂

The Mitten Yarn

Yesterday when I checked my account at The Loopy Ewe, and checked the tracking on my package of mitten yarn, I knew that it would be delivered by early afternoon.  I happened to be down near the mail box when the mail lady arrived and as she handed me the package, she said “Not more yarn??”  I now feel like I’m answering to her and to Vince for my yarn purchases.  She was just joking and most of the time, he is not joking about my yarn purchases.  Besides, if I can get these mittens made quickly, one pair will go to the mail lady!

That Super Bulky yarn is . . well, it’s super bulky!  And I hope that means it will be super quick to knit up.

Malabrigo Rasta Super Bulky Yarn

Here it is compared to the sock yarn I usually use.

Bulky weight yarn compared to fingering weight yarn

But, look at the difference in the needles I’ll use for the bulky weight vs. the sock yarn needles.

2.25 mm needles for the socks and 8 mm needles for the mittens.

This will be my first time to knit mittens.  Wish me luck!  🙂