Old Blog Posts

Yesterday, I guess since I was feeling teary, it made me nostalgic and I sat and went through some old blog posts.  Hey . . if I’m going to cry, I might as well just turn on the spigot and cry a river of tears!

This is one of my very favorite blog posts and I can hardly believe this happened almost 8 years ago.

Chad graduated from high school in 2006.  These were his grades near the end of the first semester of his senior year.  Seeing this post was funny . . now, but it wasn’t so funny when it was happening.

This one is funny because I remember my exact feelings.

This was at our little house in town.  Don’t even ask me how we ended up with a house in the country and a little house in town but Chad was in high school and it was just too far back and forth to the house in the country so we bought the other house and had planned to sell it when Chad finished high school but that’s when we moved to Missouri and ended up selling both houses.

We had just had a new roof put on the little house in town, along with a new ridge vent.  We had a storm and the ridge vent on one end blew completely off the roof and water poured in . . on my ceiling and was dripping onto the kitchen floor.  As soon as the storm passed, I talked Chad into climbing up on the roof and trying to secure the ridge vent.  Chad was not happy about being up there but at least he tried.

That was one of Vince’s “bargain shopping for a roofer” experiences.  The guy who put the new roof on had only put two nails, instead of a bunch of screws, on that ridge vent and we finally got a different roofer to come out and fix it and it ended up that we had to replace the roof on the other house too before we sold it.

Vince said he was never replacing a roof again and he might have been right.  The house in Missouri will need a roof in a few years and Vince was determined to move before time for the roof and we have metal roofs here that should last longer than we do!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down Memory Lane!  🙂


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    I love the quilts you made for those children – and what a coincidence the name was! Every once in a while I go back and do that memory walk – not so much now, because it hurts, but I used to every couple of years.

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    Peggy says

    What a great. gift for the children. So nice this world has people like you in it to brighten the world for others.

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    I do remember that post………. I had just started reading your blog when that happened………
    Let me take this time to thank you for all the patterns you have shared and all the quilts I have that you designed. When someone say, “That is a lovely quilt”, I smile and say
    “That design is by my friend Judy Laquidara”

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    Cheryl says

    You are truly an amazing lady!
    Your blog is a big part of my day – I soooo enjoy reading about your “adventures in life”

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    I love your blog about your son’s grades. Seeing him all grown up with a beautiful child reminded me so much of a mantra that got me through my oldest: most kids grow up ok.. My son was the same way in high school and now is doing very well in college. At the time, I thought my head would explode from frustration. Thanks for sharing!