We Can’t Move Again!

When we were getting the driveway/gate done, every time the fence guy or Vince would ask me what I wanted, my response was always the same . . “Make sure an 18 wheeler can get in and out!”  In one of our moves, they had to shuttle everything by U-Haul truck to the 18 wheeler that was parked some distance away because it could not get in and out of our long, curvy, steep driveway.

The trucking company delivering the grill and chipper had told Vince they were bringing them on a short truck with a lift but when the guy called to tell me what time he would be here, he told me he was in an 18 wheeler.  I told him I wasn’t so sure about how that would work but I would make sure Vince was home when he got here.

Vince met him at the driveway, which dips at the highway and the driver knew he was going to have an issue with that . . and he did but he was already half in the driveway and half in the highway so he had to finish.  He parked at the end of the driveway and drove down to the house with Vince in the pickup and no, he said one of the curves in the driveway was too tight with the trees too close to the edge for him to make that curve and once he got to the house, there was no place he could turn around.

I figured this was no time to say . . All I asked for a was a driveway that was 18 wheeler friendly!” so I didn’t say it.

The truck didn’t have a lift and the driver and Vince managed to get the grill in the back of the truck and bring it down to the house, unload it; then go back to the 18 wheeler and get the chipper which halfway didn’t even fit in the back of the truck because of the cover, even though they had the cover open as high as it would go.  But . . the chipper and the grill are here.

It’s actually put together now but the pictures are on the memory stick that I can’t read.

The 18 wheeler managed to get out of the driveway, again dragging bottom at the end of the driveway.

I said to Vince “What are we going to do when we move again?”  Know what he said?  “Guess we’re never moving!”  Will y’all please remember that and when he comes home and tells me that we’re moving . . you can all back me up and remind him that he said we were never moving again!

Raising Chickens Isn’t Easy!

Seeing Miss Hattie and Sally out running around without Roscoe just isn’t right!

Sally has been out of the coop/run for several weeks because she was pecking the other chickens.  I made her sleep outside too and she was sleeping on top of the little covered walkway that goes from the coop to the run.  Since Roscoe’s demise, I figured it was no longer safe for Sally to be sleeping up there in the open.  Miss Hattie lets herself out every morning and every evening before the chickens go into the coop, I put Miss Hattie back in the pen so the chickens are used to having her in there.  Monday afternoon when I put Sally back into the run, the chickens attacked her.  They were brutal.  I took her out and waited til almost dark when they were all on the roost and put her back in.  I heard a bit of commotion in the coop but left her in there.  Yesterday morning Sally was quite happy to be let out of the run.

Last night, Vince and I rigged up the little box he had made for my seedlings.  You can barely see it here because . . the good pictures are on the memory stick from that camera that I can’t read.

Sally’s Sleeping Quarters

Can you see her in there?  She was not happy!  I told her she had choices . . (1) Get eaten by a critter, (2) Get attached by 11 witchy hens, or (3) Sleep in a nice screened chicken porch!  She really didn’t have a choice.  We put her in there, closed the lid, latched the lid and put rocks on top of the lid.

Yesterday it was 80º outside so we let the baby chicks out and let them run around with the moms and dad inside the run.  They are so cute but when it was time to put them up, they were so tired, they couldn’t even hop up the step to get back into the coop so Vince had to pick them all up and put them in the coop.

Baby Silkies

They’re so cute and so fast, when they aren’t exhausted.  Who would have thought that two solid white chickens would have babies this color?  I could sit all day and watch them.

It’s a good thing we like our chickens a lot because trying to keep them happy and safe isn’t always easy.


One Pair of Mittens

They were so easy!  I was so afraid of the thumb.  It doesn’t look easy and when I’ve read instructions, it seemed confusing but it was quite simple and the super bulky yarn and huge needles made the knitting go so quickly.

Yesterday morning the appliance store called and said they wouldn’t be here till Wednesday (today) but I had no idea when the grill delivery guy was coming so I stayed in the house by the phone.  The cell phone doesn’t work in the sewing room and I wasn’t sure if Vince had given them the sewing room number so I figured if I wanted the grill delivered, I’d better sit in the house so . . I knitted.

My First Mittens

They even fit nicely and they feel soft as felt.  Some day it may get cold and they’ll feel really good.  They were fun to make . . it’s always nice to make something that quickly.

I have two more skeins of the super bulky to use for other mittens which will be gifts.  I can get those done since it hardly took an hour to get one mitten done.