We Can’t Move Again!

When we were getting the driveway/gate done, every time the fence guy or Vince would ask me what I wanted, my response was always the same . . “Make sure an 18 wheeler can get in and out!”  In one of our moves, they had to shuttle everything by U-Haul truck to the 18 wheeler that was parked some distance away because it could not get in and out of our long, curvy, steep driveway.

The trucking company delivering the grill and chipper had told Vince they were bringing them on a short truck with a lift but when the guy called to tell me what time he would be here, he told me he was in an 18 wheeler.  I told him I wasn’t so sure about how that would work but I would make sure Vince was home when he got here.

Vince met him at the driveway, which dips at the highway and the driver knew he was going to have an issue with that . . and he did but he was already half in the driveway and half in the highway so he had to finish.  He parked at the end of the driveway and drove down to the house with Vince in the pickup and no, he said one of the curves in the driveway was too tight with the trees too close to the edge for him to make that curve and once he got to the house, there was no place he could turn around.

I figured this was no time to say . . All I asked for a was a driveway that was 18 wheeler friendly!” so I didn’t say it.

The truck didn’t have a lift and the driver and Vince managed to get the grill in the back of the truck and bring it down to the house, unload it; then go back to the 18 wheeler and get the chipper which halfway didn’t even fit in the back of the truck because of the cover, even though they had the cover open as high as it would go.  But . . the chipper and the grill are here.

It’s actually put together now but the pictures are on the memory stick that I can’t read.

The 18 wheeler managed to get out of the driveway, again dragging bottom at the end of the driveway.

I said to Vince “What are we going to do when we move again?”  Know what he said?  “Guess we’re never moving!”  Will y’all please remember that and when he comes home and tells me that we’re moving . . you can all back me up and remind him that he said we were never moving again!


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    Yay, stay put! You seem to love it there 🙂

    We don’t have access for an 18 wheeler by any stretch of the imagination here, nor will we at the new place. When I have large deliveries like that, I meet them at the road with the tractor. We bought a pallet fork for the front end loader and that works out just beautifully.

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    Ah, I’ve learned to Never say Never…in genealogy and life…we said we would never move from WA state back to Calif…and we did. Said we would not move back to Stockton, CA from Lodi, CA, and we did. Hubby said we would never live in TX…we live in TX….
    Genealogy… Lady called me…”I think the James Freeman in your family info was my dad.” My mom in law then said…Freeman never left MO, was never in the service, and died in an accident…and that she never knew Freeman….
    I tell this lady 3 times…never could be… so, on Thanksgiving I get another call, am I sure? Well, let me ask aunt Myrtle..Freeman’s baby sister…she should know…. I email Myrtle the lady’s info…five minutes later…call from Aunt Myrtle…”How did you find Carol? I’ve been looking for her for over 40 years!” Seems mom in law failed to mention her 2nd child (and the next set of twins) might just be this Freeman’s children. Momin law married Freeman’s brother…and he raised the kids as his. So, nope I never say never on anything…lol

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    Yay! No more moves! =) Order a few more things that have to be brought in this way, just to cement it in his mind. Men need reminders – often.

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    Kate says

    Sorry to tell you, but the movers just use multiple trucks in situations like this. One small truck to take things to the big truck. But it is expensive, so no, you can’t move!

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    Cindy Stowe says

    Thanks for the consideration for the 18-wheelers! In the 20 years of driving one, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times someone would tell me “oh sure, we get big truck deliveries all the time” & find out I didn’t fit! Two things….a) remind Vince when he says it’s time to move of this & b) remind him you wanted a bigger driveway! Thanks for the memories of yet another failed attempt by an 18-wheeler!

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    Diana in RR TX says

    Some day I’ll have to show you the street we lived on in Taiwan. and it was a dead end street. The driver brought up a high 40 ft. container to the house for our move in and out. Here we live on a cul de sac and when they brought our stuff down from storage in MN in an 18 wheeler the guy had to do a lot of jockeying to get the truck around the cul de sac. He never would have made it on the narrow streets in Taiwan

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    Judy, have you tried using a card reader to access the pictures on your memory stick? Most card readers have slots for memory sticks and then you could get your pictures.

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    Hahahaaaa!! I’ve copied and pasted this post, as a back-up, just in case!! The grill looks fun — can’t wait to see the first “cooked on the grill” post! 🙂

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    P.S. … it’s a very wise woman who knows when NOT to mention “All I asked for a was a driveway that was 18 wheeler friendly!” You’ll receive the benefit of that somewhere down the line, I’m positive! LOL! 🙂