Looking Forward to Bed Time

Last night when Vince had his sleep study was the first time I’ve stayed by myself out here.  I’m telling you . . I am the world’s biggest chicken.  I was not looking forward to being by myself here last night but, obviously, I survived.  So, I put on my big girl undies and told myself I could do this.  I made cookies.  My neighbor came over and got some for them.

I knitted for a while, cleaned house for a while . . all the while wanting to avoid having to go to bed.  The replacement Kindle Paperwhite had arrived that afternoon and I charged it so about 10 p.m., I decided to get it set up.   When I turned it on, it was set to Japanese.  I couldn’t read a darned thing.  I searched how to switch it to English and couldn’t find anything so I had to call Amazon.  The lady wasn’t sure how to fix it but she ended up working on the Paperwhite and telling me to go to the third step, hit enter; then click on the first step and hit return, etc.  With her seeing it in English, she was able to tell me which buttons to push and we finally got it set.  Then, I went to connect to the wifi and, as you might guess, I didn’t remember our password.  Vince didn’t take his phone with him and I tried about a dozen possible passwords and nothing worked.  Then I remembered that a while back, I had emailed him to ask the password so I searched my email and found this dialogue:

Me:  What’s our wifi password?
Vince:  Give me $20 and I’ll tell you!
Me:  Nevermind . . I remembered!

That was a ton of help!  Finally, I remembered it and by then, it was after midnight and I was sleepy so I went to bed and only read a few minutes.

It was so windy here!  Vince said the sleep study guy told him this morning that we had 50 – 60 mph gusts.  I don’t know if that’s true but we had a lot of wind.  At one point when I was on the phone with the Amazon lady and a piece of cardboard (from the grill box) flew up and hit the window and I might have said a bad word!  🙁  After I went to bed, I heard the most awful, spooky sound and I got up to go investigate and there were four or five empty 5 gallon pots from blueberry plants flying around and one had hit the bit shop roll up door.

Vince had not taken a house key with him and he told me that when he got home around 6 a.m., he would tap on the bedroom window.  I told him that might not be a good idea so he decided to drive in and honk the horn.  Much better idea.

I think it was a bit after 1 a.m. when I went to sleep and I never woke up once . . til I heard the horn honking about 5:45.

Vince’s test went well.  He got less sleep than I did though.  He will have to start using the CPAP, which I hope means he will get a better, more restful night’s sleep.

Tonight, both of us will definitely sleep better.

Deer in the Picture

For those of you who know Chad and know how much he loves to hunt, the deer in the background picture is hilarious.

Deer Jumping Over Addie

Deer Jumping Over Addie

Someone said “I love how the deer is jumping over the baby’s head and landing on the man’s shoulder”.  It wouldn’t be nearly so funny if Chad wasn’t such a hunter.


Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Last night I made these cookies.

This is the recipe I used and I made no changes.  They’re definitely pretty.  It’s too much chocolate for me so I didn’t try one but I was talking to my neighbor on the phone as I was finishing them up.  It was close to 9 p.m. and she was coming home from having been to a church function.  I told her I would bring them some “tomorrow” but then I said “Hey . . if you want to come by the house, I’ll give you some while they’re warm.”  She did come by and then she called and told me they were delicious so I’m taking her word for it.

Vince had a sleep study test at the hospital last night so he hasn’t tried them yet but I’m guessing he will approve too.