Beautiful Texas Sky

Sunrise to sunset, the middle of the night or the middle of the day, the sky here is almost always breathtakingly beautiful.

Just before dusk tonight . . looking down our driveway.

I love Texas and I love our little house and our little piece of land!


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    The do whatever it takes to stay there! Finding the piece of dirt that sings to you is something many people miss out on, and never know what they’ve missed.

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    Judy, I do love your sky. I have to tell you something cause I don’t know where else to put it. My son and his wife gave birth to a healthy invitro baby boy Thursday night. We are so happy. They lost twin baby boys last year and we were so afraid for Kord but he is healthy. Thanks for listening to a rambling grandmother.

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    Mary Jo says

    Judy, I am so glad that you are enjoying Texas! Living in a place you love makes life so much easier! And to Freda and her family..Congratulations on your new grandbaby. Just ask Judy, there is nothing in the world more special.

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    Sherrill says

    I’m so glad you love Texas..I love it, too, and would NEVER want to live anywhere else (and I have!) Just not real sure about that huntin’ off the front porch. Poor little deer won’t be coming around your place anymore! HA And I always loved watching the deer on our property when we lived in CO. Couldn’t stand when it was hunting season and hearing all the guns going off. YUCK!