The Runaway Train

I’ve posted about this little diner before but it’s probably my favorite place in Brownwood to eat for several reasons.  First, the folks who work there, including the owner are the nicest people ever!  Kim, the owner, is always smiling, always cheerful, as are her helpers.  Every time we leave there, Vince says “I want what she takes!”  The food is always good.  It’s mostly soup, sandwiches and burgers.  A lot of the sandwiches are on jalapeno bread and it’s absolutely delicious!  They use a lot of jalapeno bacon in the soups and on the sandwiches and while it isn’t HOT, it gives just enough kick to make their sandwiches and soups a cut above the average meal served around here.  And lastly, it’s close to home.  It’s probably 5 miles from our house and kinda between home and Vince’s work so it’s real convenient for us.

I would go back there even if the food wasn’t great just because it’s such a happy place!

Today, on Christmas Day, they were serving free beans, cornbread, Blue Bell ice cream and drinks – hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, milk shakes, coffee, tea, soda . . whatever you wanted . . all at no charge.  Kim said it was “Customer Appreciation Day”.  She served pinto beans and jalapeno cornbread or crackers.  She does love jalapeno peppers but hey . . this is Texas!  Everyone in the place was asking for her pinto bean recipe and she was gladly telling us exactly how she did it.

She uses Fiesta Pinto Bean Seasoning and made them right by the instructions on the package.

She was also serving Blue Bell ice cream and she had Homemade Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake, Gingerbread and a couple of other flavors.

Wasn’t it just so nice of them to open on Christmas Day and not take money or donations or anything for the food they offered?  It was Kim, her husband and probably one of their dads their waiting on customers.

I wrapped up a pair of socks and took to her and she couldn’t believe someone brought her a gift!  Really, Kim?  🙂  She got all teary and almost made me cry too.

On the way home from there, Vince looked at me and said “Is this the BEST place to live?”  Yesterday our neighbor smoked our turkey.  That same neighbor helped clean the deer.  Then a restaurant is open on Christmas Day serving free food just to thank their customers?

Yes, Vince, this is a great place to live!  I think I’ll stay right here forever, if it’s ok with you!


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    What a great place! Your posts about your area are enough to make me want to move, even if I didn’t want to find a warmer spot! I don’t think I can afford it, though. Except on Christmas Day, of course. =)

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    Diane Wright says

    Goosebumps, thats what your little story did for me today. You are certainly blessed to live in such a nice locality.
    Small towns are the greatest. You did good taking the socks to her, you are a fine person. Lucky neighbors!!! Merry Christmas from Oregon, another really great place to live.

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    Sandy says

    When I was in high school and college there were two special diners where I liked to go. My girlfriends and I spent hours in one, drinking coffee and talking about the affairs of our day. Jerry never complained or threw us out, even though we didn’t spend much money in his place! The second diner was located right across the street from my Saturday job and I usually ate lunch there. It was run by a nice couple and they were excellent cooks! Local diners are great places! You’re lucky to have one close!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    That was a special story. I’d say you definitely found a great place to live. You are so sweet to the owner too. Good folks…ya’ll!

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    wanda says

    Yep once again you’ve got to love us Texas people. WE are a friendly bunch and never meet a stranger. Everyone is family.I’m glad you and Vince came over to be one of us.Psss it on as the saying goes. Now enjoy the rest of the week.
    Fellow Texan 7th generation now living here.

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    That is so nice, Judy. I’ve never heard of a restaurant doing that kind of thing around here. How wonderful for you and Vince. It was so nice that you brought her socks! It is a magical place where you live, for sure. 🙂

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    pdudgeon says

    loved the story! i just got back from the grocery store–had to get some black-eyed peas for New Year’s–but next trip i’ll certainly look for this seasoning. Thanks for the tip.

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    Helene says

    This post just made me so happy!! What a great gift to their customers, and how sweet you are to bring the owner a pair of socks. Who doesn’t like hand knit socks?

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    Trudie says

    My daughter will be going to Brownwood next Monday to celebrate the new year and her birthday with her BFF who lives there. If she hasn’t eaten there, I’m telling her to go try it. Didnt’ realize you were so close to me.

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    Rebecca says

    I get such a kick out of your appreciation of where you live! It took such a long time to happen, I was afraid it wouldn’t (happen), but “good things come to (s)he who waits.” All that house-hunting was to find the very best RIGHT place for you.

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    wow, of all the times I’ve been to Brownwood over the years, I have never seen that. Do tell where it is. Our usual stop is Underwood’s but that looks neat!!

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      Gina! The first thing you must learn is that you never ever get directions from me! The Train has soup and sandwiches mostly but it’s just a fun place to go. Next time you’re in town, holler at me and I’ll meet you there but you’ll have go talk to Vince for directions. Really . . don’t ever trust my directions!

      • says

        LOL. We ended up googling it. Looks neat and well off the beaten path.

        You got a deal. =) Now, you need to give me a holler when you come to Abilene and we’ll have lunch sometime..