On the Needles – December 28, 2012

It’s our last “On the Needles” post for 2012.  I love closing out a year and starting a new one.

Still haven’t gotten to the heel on the 2nd sock but I’m close.  There’s a chance these, my 13th pair for 2012, will be finished in time but a better chance they’ll be my 1st pair finished in 2013.  Because Photostream seems to be not playing nice again, I’ll just share last week’s picture.  Not much has changed . . with the exception of the orange cowl.  I gave up.  I couldn’t even get the yarn off the needles I had such a mess so the yarn, the needles . . the whole thing went in the trash!  I’ve never done that before but it was very freeing.  It’s gone! It’s outta here and I’m happy!

My Game With Mother Nature

Does anyone remember the little game I play with Mother Nature?  If I get up after she does, she wins and if I wake up before the sun comes up, I win.  I truly don’t think it bothers her if she loses but it just starts my day off on the wrong foot!  Not really  . . but I do love waking up before the sun comes up and I always smile and say “I won!”

I went back in some old blog posts and found where I talked about this little game in 2008.

As I was reading that post, I had to smile at this statement.  I was taking a sunrise picture and the other roofs were in my way:

There are too many darned houses and satellite dishes interfering with my picture taking.  I wish I lived on a farm and couldn’t see another house!

My wish has come true!  I live on a little farm and unless I really look and only if I look out a couple of windows can I see another house.  I don’t see a street.  I don’t see a neighbor.  I don’t see anyone else’s roof or satellite dish or tv antenna.  I don’t see a security light.  I think my life is real close to perfect!

Please Don’t Get Me Wrong

Either I’m the world’s worst at getting my thoughts across or some totally miss my point.  I am very thankful for both of our good health.  I pray Vince is around for many, many, many years.

Surely if you’ve read my blog any, you know that I detest shopping.  He could shop every day, all day . . whether he buys anything or not, though too often he does buy too much “stuff”.  I go with a list.  I rush through, getting only what’s on my list and I leave!  I plan my trips.  I know which day I’m going to go out and do my errands.  I can just about know to the minute when I’m leaving and when I’m getting home.  With Vince, he wakes up each day thinking of a way to convince me to go shopping with him.  He will tell me we’re going one place and then he decides to go six places.

I’m perfectly happy to sit in the house or have him come out to my sewing room, or even ride around on the land or walk the land or sit out on the porch with him.

But, I simply don’t have it in me to shop for hours and hours or to go somewhere every day.

Please . . don’t interpret that as me not wanting him to be around, or not being thankful for having him!

Another Example

Remember my concern about retirement?  Here’s another example.

This morning as I was preparing to fix breakfast, Vince began this conversation:

Vince:  Would you like to go to Whataburger for breakfast?
Me:  Not really!
Vince:  Well, I’d like to run by Wal-Mart and see if they got in any more ammo.  You can sit in the car!
Me:  I need a few groceries and it shouldn’t be so crowded in Wal-Mart today.

So . . dumb me . . I left thinking we were going to Whataburger and Wal-Mart.

Stop #1 – Whataburger as planned.Stop #2 – Wal-Mart as planned though we bought way more than what was on our lists.
Stop #3 – Kroger – Vince’s idea.  I didn’t need a darned thing but we bought a few things.  Dr. Pepper were on sale! :)

When we came out of Kroger, I said “The front right tire looks low.”  Vince insisted it wasn’t but we decided to go by the tire shop.  They thought they saw a nail in it so they took it off, checked it but it was a rock.  It was low, as were all the tires so they put more air in them all.  Winter seems to do that to tires.  We were there at least half an hour, probably more like an hour.

Then Vince said “Well, it’s almost lunch time now.  Do you want to go to Taco Bell?”  NO!  But we did.

Stop #4 – Taco Bell.
Stop #5 – Big Lots . . just in case they had any good Christmas candy marked down . . again, not my idea.
Stop #6 – Dollar General – just in case they had any good Christmas candy marked down and they did not.

He so badly wanted to go in Tractor Supply but he could not remember what it was he needed there and I threatened to pitch a fit in the parking lot if he stopped one more place so we came home . . at 2:30.

How will I ever get anything done when he’s home full time?