The Christmas Turkey

We were so happy with the turkey our neighbor smoked that I wanted to be sure we used every little morsel of it.  Vince took all the leftover meat off the bone.  He put the white meat in one bag and we use that for sandwiches.  The dark meat went into another bag for gumbo and casseroles.  The bones went into another bag for making broth.

Yesterday I had started making the broth but it was after dinner before I was able to start the canning.  The neighbor has his own recipe for a rub that he used so the seasoning was perfect!  I boiled the bones and skin and ended up with 11 quarts of broth.

Turkey Broth

This will be so perfect for adding to the liquid when cooking beans!  It was quite late by the time the canner finished and the pressure was down so I could get the jars out.

That’s 11:30 p.m., way past my bedtime, and then there was the late night conversation with my best girlfriend!  We probably got off the phone well after 1 a.m.

But . . that didn’t stop someone from wanting breakfast bright and early!

Fluffy Pancakes

I should really get new dishes, shouldn’t I?  These are definitely outdated and kinda ugly but . . hey . . they still serve their purpose so maybe I’ll keep them another year or so.

Anyway . . I need a nap!


  1. 2

    Debi says

    these are the dishes I wanted – a universal set but no – my sister got me a set (when I needed a new dinner set say 14 years ago) which is still in the cupboard as it was way too expensive to use!!

  2. 3

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    You still have years of use out of them.! I’d keep them until they were ‘used up’.

  3. 5

    Marilyn Smith says

    Your broth looks so good! I brined an 11 lb trekey, Todd added a rub. Smoked it..a lot of work as he had to keep adding coals. It turned out wonderful. The first turkey he had smoked. But, with his smoker you could only do one thing at a time. We had ham that I brought, the turkey, asparagus with proscuitto and parm, salad, gravy, tons of cookies that Laura and Kaitlin made. Appetizers…fresh cracked dungeness crab, artichoke dig, smoked fish, olives and brie and other cheeses. Pumpkin pie and berry pie. What a meal. Great wines too. I would have loved the bones and skin too but we were not at home. I do have the ham bones for soup tho and look forward to that.

    Your broth looks incredible and I can just imagine the beans and soup you can make from those.

  4. 6


    I’ve been making my own broth ever since you showed us how. We love it. So much better than store bought. Much cheaper and no preservatives, excess salt or additives. LOVE IT!
    Thanks again Judy.

  5. 7

    Patricia says

    New dishes would probably involve shopping, do you really want to go there? The set you have looks good to me.

  6. 8

    roccagal says

    I like those dishes and am very much a believer in the “if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it” adage! The food looks delicious on them!