Stash Report – Week 52, 2012

Finally, the last stash report for 2012.  I’m pretty pleased with my results.  I didn’t buy a lot of fabric until this past week but at least I ended with positive numbers.

I did add 76 yards this week for a total of 147.75 yards added this year.

I used 13 yards for Margie’s quilt top.  That seems like a lot but EQ says it was over 15 yards.  Even though it’s a bigger quilt, I think that’s a lot so I’m counting it as 13 yards.  In the end, I used 60 yards more than I added.

We’ll see how 2013 goes but I think I will do better than I did in 2012.

Used this Week: 13 yards
Used year to Date: 207.75 yards
Added this Week: 76 yards
Added Year to Date: 147.75 yards
Net Used for 2012: 60.00 yards


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    It is pretty impressive that you used more fabric than you purchased this year – it has been a busy time for you! And just think how much MORE fabric you would have bought if you had not started the stash reports for us – how many years ago now? It is a fun way just to keep track of what you buy and use and I am sure makes you think twice before buying more. But there are times when you just NEED to have a new fabric and backings add up yardage quickly, don’t they!

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      I do enjoy keeping track and it does keep me accountable and I think twice before buying. I never mind buying what I NEED but I’ve really gotten in the habit of trying to make stash fabrics work before buying anything. There are those occasional shopping binges though . . they’re so much more fun when I do them so rarely.

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    Judy, I am reaally impressed with your stash keeping report..when setting this up is it necessary to know how much yardage you already have or just keep track of what
    one uses and purchases for the year. I think this is such
    a wonderful idea ..stash recorders..I have been going to my stash and making backings so that really helps with out put.
    My grands love a patchwork backing on their quilts.

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      We do not need to know (nor do we want to know) how much total stash we have! 🙂 You can click on “Group Projects” at the top of the blog and get info on doing the stash reports. Hope you join us in 2013.

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    Just think, if you’d waited a *tiny* bit longer, this year would have been huge! But next year would have started with a bang! =) Great that you used more than you brought in. Someday I might keep track … but I doubt it. I don’t want to know! LOL

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    Julie says

    Judy, your numbers are really impressive. I was doing well in the beginning of the year, but became ill. Quilting and everything else stopped, but rehab has finally gotten me back to the point I can sew for small amounts of time. There is only one way for me to go – up! More stash use, more sewing time and more cardiac rehab this coming year. Happy New Year to you, Vince, and Speck!!!

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    Yup, I think your numbers are pretty impressive, too. What’s *really* impressive is that 75 yard gain this week! That’s one heckuva first down! LOL! 🙂

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    Ending the year in the black is no small feat, especially since you had so much going on with the move this year.

    Thanks for hosting the stash report. Even though I’ve yet to meet any of my stash reduction goals, it has provided me an avenue to better target my purchases.

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    margo says

    75 yards of fabric in one week – wow! You surely are the queen of fabric shopping. :0) I can only imagine the deals that you got! Congrats!

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    It was sure my lucky day when I stumbled on your blog. Wonderful quilts, wonderful patterns and a way to get my stash dragon under control. Thank you, Judy, and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.